Freeway View by Mike Folden in Seattle, Washington

Seattle is a beautiful city. However, some of the best views of the city are from the freeway. We Seattleites know that just south of the NE 45th st, the epic city exposes itself to all the traffic headed South. The problem is, there is no space for a tripod. I’ve seen this view of the city in the snow, the sun, the rain, the rain, the rain, the morning and the late night. No matter what the time of day or weather is, it’s a great view. The other day I was headed down to work for the day and the sun had just risen and was blasting the side glass of a few landmark buildings in the skyline. It was beautiful. I grabbed my phone and snapped a couple shots and it was one of the best shots I’ve taken of my city. I shared it on Instagram and received a lot of praise that day. I had been trying to come up with what shot to submit to Yodel and that day, I figured it out. Like Chase Jarvis says, “The best camera is the one you have with you.” I couldn’t agree more.

Name:Mike Folden

Place you live: Shoreline, Seattle, Washington

Place your photo was taken: On I-5 on my way into Seattle.

Can you sum up the place you live? Shoreline is a nice little suburb just 10 minutes North of Seattle. Lot’s of parks, dog walkers and coffee stands occupy the area.

Occupation? Owner/photographer/video director of Mike Folden Productions.

Preoccupation? Snowboarding, Crossfit, Hiking, Cycling, Mt Biking, Running, Music, Travel, Technology and time spent with the ones I love.

A perfect day in Seattle? Wow, that’s a tough question. I would say there is no perfect day. I have a lot of amazing days but they are all so different. No one thing makes Seattle amazing but rather a collection of all it has to offer. If there is one great thing about Seattle, I would say we get a few really beautiful sunny days and since we only get a few it makes them that much more special.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Seattle is famous for it’s neighborhoods. Each one is a place of it’s own and so much fun to spend the day in. I would say, Fremont, Ballard, Pike Place, Capitol Hill and West Seattle are all must see places. Just go and grab food/drinks and walk around. That’s my favorite thing to do in a new city.

A perfect meal in Seattle? Seattle has a ton of great restaurants. One of my favorites so far is Carmelita’s on Phinney Ridge. It’s vegetarian and truly amazing. The casual vibe, eclectic menu, quality of food and creative cocktails make this place a must.

A little known fact about Seattle? The city used to be a whole lot lower than it is now. They built it up quite a bit a long time ago. There is still an underground tour through the city you can take with history and all.

Where is your favorite place in the world? I’d have to say, the Cascade Mountain range has been a place where I’ve been inspired many times. It has so much to offer and so much beauty that it’s probably one of my favorites.