Fringe by Christoph Morlinghaus in Miami

Miami has a certain cliche, but few really know how the city and its immediate surrounding really look. I tried to show the hinterlands far away from the crowds of South Beach. My tool was an 8×10” camera loaded with blue sensitive black and white film.

Name:Christoph Morlinghaus




Tell us about Miami:

It’s the longest vacation of my life.

A perfect day in Miami?

Get up very late, grab wine, a picnic and a book, walk to the beach, jump into the turquoise ocean.

What is the best thing about Miami?

When I took these photos it was 72 degrees and sunny out. A blizzard was covering the rest of the country.

What is the worst?

Traffic, tourists, fake breasts, litter and South Beach.

What would be surprising about Miami to an outsider?

The amount of anarchy and liberty.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Eugene Atget, Otl Aicher, Buckminster Fuller


Name:Christoph Morlinghaus

City:Miami Beach

Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

The Corner

Local Tip:

Go to the beach at North Shore Park. There are fewer people and no high-rises.

Must Do:

Go fishing.