Frozen Tears by Sergio Jensen in Tallinn, Estonia

The capital of Republic of Estonia, Baltic’s northerly city. People struggle to dig their cars out from the snow in December, but even when they do, temperatures sometimes don’t allow to start the engine anyway. Your tears, as well as whatever is in your runny nose will freeze as soon as you step outside. It is cold and dry. The beach, which in summer is full of people getting a tan and having a swim, in winter is dead empty and pleasantly quiet. You see nothing but white snow and some grey trees not far from the shore. You hear nothing but waves coming closer to you and the sound of snow crunching under your feet as you take a step. You feel nothing but serenity and emptiness.

Name:Sergio Jensen

Place you live: Tallinn, Estonia

Place your photo was taken: Tallinn Beach, Estonia

Occupation: student

A Perfect day: Spending a cold December eve with friends in one of old town’s bohemian cafes, enjoying homemade Estonian hot chocolate.

Perfect meal: pancakes with pretty much whatever you can think of

Little known fact: Tallinn is the European Cultural Capital of 2011