Giant Austin Bat by William Hundley in Austin, Texas, USA

I had heard the stories about the Giant Austin Bat, but didn’t really believe them until I caught one on camera.

Apparently, the Bat is invisible to the human eye but not to the camera’s eye.  I was trying to get a good shot of the Capitol Building and then when I saw the preview I thought that a bug was on my lens.  When I went to check the lens I felt a bump on my shoulder and turned around to see a bus coming.  I was lucky enough to have had plenty of time to get out of the way thanks to the mysterious nudge I felt on my shoulder.  I went again out into the street and took another photograph that turned out just fine.  Only upon later review of the images did I notice the one I have posted here.  I have concluded that it must have been the legendary Giant Austin Bat that warned me of the oncoming bus that day.

Name:William Hundley

Place you live: Austin, TX

Place your photo was taken: This photo was taken near the Austin Capitol Building. I had always heard about the Giant Austin Bats, and I was just lucky enough to have my camera with me for my first of many encounters.

Occupation: Manager

Preoccupation: Abstract thought

What is a perfect day in Austin? Any day that lacks expectations…

A perfect meal? A perfect meal is a shared one made with love in your own house.  In other words, my fiancee doesn’t let me eat out much.

A little known fact about Austin? It’s just a big little city.