Giveaway – Lomography ‘Beach Edition’ Cameras

We’ve been big fans of Lomography for a long time. There is something about shooting with film that just can’t be replicated digitally. Something fun about waiting until your film develops to know if got that amazing shot.

Our friends at Lomo set us up with a couple of special beach edition cameras to give away to you Yodelers. The best accessory for the beach this summer!

We have a beautiful La Sardinia St. Tropez Camera w/ Flash Capri Fontanette ($109)

lomo pairing 2


And a lovely La Sardinia w/ Flash Capri Saracena. ($109)

lomo pairing 1

Who wants them?

To win, join the Lomo and Global Yodel mailing list in the widget below. If you want, there are a few ways to get additional entries as well. Bonus points if you comment below and tell us which beach you would take this camera to first if you won. We will choose two winners on Monday, May 12th. Good luck everyone.

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  • Helen Anne Travis

    Oh man, if I won I’d book the next flight to Rio. The beaches there are amazing!

    • Jesse

      Would love to go to Rio someday!

  • Jesse

    Zanzibar is on my must see beach list, I would take my new camera here if I won!

  • Rita Martins

    Definitely would shoot Costa da Caparica, Portugal

    • Jesse

      sounds cool

  • Keru Eliza


    • Jesse


  • Jenny Lang

    I would take it to Playa Del Carmen!

    • Jesse

      sounds good

  • Christopher F

    Venice Beach, love the hot women in skimpy bikinis!!!!

    • Jesse


  • Jordan Biagomala

    The Ivory Coast!

    • Jesse


  • Dana Rodriguez

    This would be great for my trip to Myrtle Beach SC this summer!

    • Jesse


  • Roxanne

    I’d definitely go for Boracay, Philippines!

    • Jesse


  • rainbeau

    This summer I am FINALLY going on my first trip to Hawaii. A beach edition La Sardinia would definitely come with me everywhere on the islands.

    • Jesse

      love Hawaii – have fun

  • Mariel Valdez

    I’ll definitely have this around when I got the chance to fly to Maldives!

    • Jesse

      the Maldives are so high on our list

  • Guest

    If I were lucky enough to be chosen for this

  • Shannon Case

    I’ve been unpaid medical leave for the last month due to a fractured ankle with a level 3 sprain. This morning I went in to fix the issue with surgery. The total recovery time from cast to boot to brace with physical therapy will be close to 6 months. What does any of this have to do with a camera? Well I’ll tell you why. 🙂 My wonderful younger sister is graduating High School this June. She also happens to be is a complete camera and photography enthusiast. She takes her beat up cameras everywhere always hunting and capturing truly beautiful pictures. I would absolutely love to be able to give her a great camera for a graduation present. The problem is that I won’t have any money to spare for a present until I’m healed and back to work. It would mean the world to both me and my younger sister if I was able to give her a gorgeous vibrantly colored camera. She’s taken her current cameras all over from Canada to Chicago to the beaches of NC. I know she would love this camera and carry it everywhere she goes. Thank you.

    • Jesse

      sorry about your injury – good luck with everything

  • Amanda ‘Boo’ Murray

    Melmerby Beach here in Nova Scotia Canada!! 😀

    • Jesse

      nice – sounds cool – show us pics!

      • Amanda ‘Boo’ Murray

        I just ransacked the computer to no avail! Appears they have all disappeared?! Guess I could ‘really’ use a new camera now, I keep losing my digital shots!! lol 😀

  • Wanda Tracey

    We live in a world of phenomenal beauty.I would have no problem finding subjects or scenery to shoot from sunup to sundown.

    • Jesse


  • raynebow12

    would take a trip to a tropical beach in the south pacific

    • Jesse

      sounds good to us

  • Shawna Hoffstrom Chapman

    I am going on a Caribbean Cruise in June (to celebrate my 50th birthday) and I would love love love to be able to have this camera along with me to capture this very exciting venture for me!

    • Jesse

      Happy 50th – good luck

  • Katherine Gaskin

    I would head to the beaches of Mo’orea, Tahiti so I could cross it off my bucket list.

    • Jesse

      Would love go to Tahiti someday – good luck

  • Addie F.

    I would love to take the cameras to Calabria, in Southern Italy! Gorgeous colors and a beautiful beach

    • Jesse

      ohhhh sounds nice – good luck

  • Elayne Sanchez

    I’m living in Pearl Of The Orient Seas so basically there are lot’s of awesome beaches here on PH. Maybe Bora will do or Pagudpud. I want this Lomo Cam!

    • Jesse

      nice – sounds cool – show us pics

      • Elayne Sanchez

        Boracay Island Sunset

      • Elayne Sanchez

        Pagudpud Beach

  • Elisa Difino

    I’m going to the Isola d’Elba (a beautiful island in Tuscany) this summer and this would be totally be perfect! Thanks for the wonderful chance 🙂

    • Jesse

      good luck – would love to go to Tuscany – show us pics

  • Red Sparkle

    I’m actually stuck for summer classes by hey, no can stop that summer vibes so I’m going to spend my summer on my hometown beaches here on Cebu, Philippines.

    • Jesse

      summer school! noooooo! keep up the good vibes – good luck

  • Nikhil Narkhede

    I would like to use this awesome camera in alibaug in maharashtra India.Thaks for this awesome giveaway 🙂

    • Jesse

      cool – good luck

  • You Fess

    If I won, definitely would like to use this amazing camera shoot AIN DEIAB Morocco beach . Thanks for the chance.

    • Jesse

      Morocco is on our list – show us pics – good luck

      • You Fess

        Sure! i’ll show pics . Thanks for the opportunity.

  • martina caulfield

    great giveaway. love the look. would definitely bring to Maya Bay in Thailand

    • Jesse

      love Thailand – good luck

  • chandan

    wish to win 😀

    • Jesse

      good luck

  • Cogito Ergosum

    thanks for chance! ^^

    • Jesse

      you are welcome – good luck

  • Toks W.

    Going to Thailand, so probably a Full Moon Party!

    • Jesse

      We went to one once – so fun – have a blast!

  • Al Jenkins

    Love to win it.

    • Jesse

      good luck Al

  • Shannon Eck

    Not sure; somewhere on the West Coast in the US <3

    • Jesse

      West coast is the best coast?

  • cristina

    very nice
    I from Italy
    Thanks for chance

    • Jesse

      good luck

  • cath

    Cabel Beach in Broome capturing one of the most beautiful sunsets in the world

    • Jesse

      nice – good luck

  • Siti Balqis Yusoff

    wow! awesome wanna it 1

    • Jesse

      good luck Siti

  • Evgeniya Retskaya

    I would love to take the cameras to Budva, in Montenegro

    • Jesse

      cool – good luck

  • Zakaria EZZAAMARI

    I’ll take this camera To Taghazout beach in Morocco !

    • Jesse

      I keep hearing about Taghazout – sounds amazing – good luck

      • Zakaria EZZAAMARI

        yeah ! it’s a great place ! you must visit it ! sorry for being too late to respond 😛

  • Renzy Ardyanti

    I’ll go to Bali next month and i want to take the cameras to Sanur beach . it’ll be wonderfull 🙂

    • Jesse

      awesome – good luck Renzy

  • rakhi malu

    i ll take the camera with me to Andaman and Nicobar islands, India

    • Jesse

      sounds amazing!

  • teuku dhani

    i will shoot cimaja beach with this bad ass camera

    • Jesse

      cool – good luck Teuku

  • Crystal Marie Cañete

    This is awesome!

    • Jesse

      Good luck Crystal

  • Gagan Masoun

    In previous giveaway I was not the the winner. But this time I want to win this camera so entered this giveaway. Hope to win this…


  • Giveaway Hunt

    I probably wouldn’t be able to afford Maldives so I will take this to the lovely beach of El Nido in my home country

  • Maria Stepas

    Lovely camera and to answer the question – any of the beautiful beaches in Greece!

  • Eric Aparri

    i will use it in BORACAY PHILIPPINES 🙂

  • wai man leung

    would shoot australian kangaroo

  • Marta García

    I’d take it to Altafulla, in Costa Daurada, Tarragona. Thank you!

  • AlB

    I’d love to take a picture of the Matira Beach in Bora Bora

  • MarieCor Jauod

    Aside from Boracay, I’ll take this baby to Guimaras there’s a lot of beautiful white sand beache’s there, take a picture of the perfect sun rise and sun set while eating the sweetest mangoes ♥

  • Mitch Carvalho

    Definitely will capture the nice beaches in my hometown, Olongapo/Subic.

  • Trish Elarmo

    I’d like to take this beautiful bae to Batanes <3

  • Ronaldo Pangilagan

    I hope I could win this. 🙂

  • Luqman Hakim

    I’ll take it to the Sawarna Beach in Banten with my friends !!!

  • Choi Lin Choo

    I will like to take a picture of my hometown SABAH MALAYSIA 🙂 HURRAY

  • dinky

    i will take the best shoot for the powdered white fine sand of Boracay. Plus the refreshing clear water beating up the summer heat.

  • Trish Williams

    I would take it to Jones Beach in NY 🙂

  • Tine

    I guess the next beach i would see with this cam would be a South African beach 🙂


  • Monsi Simon

    I will be going to Japan and use this! SO excited! =)

  • Živilė Žičkutė

    Opportunity to win this camera is blowing my minds! I am graphic designer and I love taking pictures. I’m traveling to the Spain so I would use this camera to make some beautiful artistic memories of my trip with my little sister.

  • Chris Africa

    I would love to use this in Boracay!

  • Mateja

    I would love to take it on beautifull Cratian mediterranean coast. 🙂

  • allanoreyes

    i will use it in bohol

  • Mary Cris

    Palawan,Philippines! It’s more fun in the Philippines!

  • Elif

    If we head down south this summer to Bodrum in Turkey I’ll use it there. The Aegean Sea is amazing 😉

  • bitesizechorizo

    I’d love to take them to the hidden beaches of Cebu, Philippines. Film goes well with surprises. 🙂

  • Irene Sun

    Oh god I want to win this so bad since I’m moving continents !

  • Gabriel Señires

    I would bring it to Siargao Island in the Philippines. (Where I live). They have the most beautiful beach and waves.

  • Ayoka Ragguette

    I would take a picture on Maracas Beach . Breathtaking!!!

  • abby

    Palawan in the Philippines! Sexy beach! 🙂

  • Shruthi Srinath

    Hey GlobalYodel, the tropical, summer spirit of Devbagh beach in India will be celebrated with lomography…

  • Frances Janina Baluyan

    Palawan, Cebu and Boracay!!! The Philippines has the best beaches!

  • nataliehere

    I would take this camera to the beach in Bali! :))

  • Marlies

    These are so beautiful. I dont know if I would shoot with them or just gaze at them myself! When I’m done gazing I’d take them to loads of beaches, as I’m a kitesurfer and travel all over Europe to find the best spots 🙂

  • Rafael Srur

    To Ipanema, Rio de Janeiro, the nicest beach in town!

  • Susanne Troop


  • Anna Rumpler

    If I won I’d definitely take the cam to the Juist island/beach on the North Sea in Germany since I’m from Austria and there’s no sea.

  • Sharon Strohschein


  • Elinor Semira

    Palawan, Philippines

  • Jem Hernandez


  • chickenoppar

    Siquijor, Philippines

  • Birgit Lehner

    As I’m planning on visiting Florida this fall, I’d have to say Cocoa Beach (yes, big I Dream of Jeannie and NASA fan too).

  • Wendy Hatton

    Friendly Beach, Tasmania

  • Dexter Jalagat

    Camera <3

  • Endless Summer

    Central Beach, Anapa, Russia
    ps Elena Rudaya in the Rafflecopter

  • JhoyMarino.xocolat21

    Hi, I am from Philippines, I first shoot at my province infanta quezon, it’s not a beautiful beach like others, but I would try my best to capture moments in a place where I used to grow and learn to swim. I cant afford things like this, but this would be a very nice giveaway for someone like me. It will also help my dreams to come true, thank you so much in advance if you consider me. God bless!

  • Karole Niña Galang Mandap

    I would like to capture natural sceneries in our country, Philippines, like gardens and beaches :)))

  • Chang Aileen

    I bring my camera with me all the time. It’s like my car keys, my purse and my mobile…always by my side.

  • fra, E.

    would love to snap and share all the beautiful beaches here in Perth!

  • Pat Martinez

    I’d take it to El Nido, Palawan (Philippines). You can never go wrong with that place!

  • jacky arban

    I’ll get a photoshoot at the beautiful calaguas island in mahabang buhangin beach (philippines)

  • Helen Anne Travis

    So many great replies! Keep ’em coming.

  • Christine A. Tabin

    Boracay :)))

  • Hazel Nojara

    Caramoan Islands

  • Hazel Nojara

    Bagasbas beach,Daet,CN,Philippines

  • Hazel Nojara

    Gota Beach,Caramoan,Philippines

  • Varsha rao

    Cool cameras, thanks for this chance! Would love to explore the lesser-known North Goa with these lovelies!

  • ArchAngel92

    There are a lot of lovely beaches here in the Philippines since I love photography this cam would be great to take to Palawan and Boracay Beaches

  • Jennifer Aguirre

    I would love to take pictures with this lomo cam on the islands of Caramoan,Camsur, Philippines!

  • cumberbabe

    New Caledonia ❤

  • charles oliquino

    boracay philippines with this camera <3

  • 2pmNichkhun

    Boracay, Philippines!! 🙂

  • Elson Jude Tawoy Mabatid

    Cuaming Island, Inabanga, Bohol 🙂 XOXO!

  • Aimee Binayug

    Palawan, Philippines.

  • Gladys Altamarino

    Calaguas Island!!

  • daisy mae

    if this cool lomo camera will be given to me i will definitely take shots @Canigao Island, Matalom Leyte. 🙂

  • Nadine Diamante

    Any of the magnificent beaches of Palawan! But most probably El Nido 🙂

  • Nicole

    If I could afford to actually travel to Boracay, I would probably take it there. But now I’ve decided that if I won this hip camera I’d take it any beach and take toooooooons of selfie and groupies. 😀

  • Kristina Ost

    As a beach bum i’d love to take this to any beach i would go to such as boracay island in malay, coron palawan, kalanggaman island in leyte, bali indonesia. These are all in my bucketlist and it would be perfect to bring along a cute, fancy and convenient camera with me to capture the magnificent view of the beach any time of the day!

  • Sabrina Mae Navarroza

    Calatagan, Batangas! 🙂

  • Genessi

    Caramuan in Bicol!!!!! Its really beautiful and I would love to capture its beauty using it 🙂

  • VK

    I’ll take it to a beach either in Zambales or Camiguin, both in the Philippines 🙂

  • Haylie Sulyok

    Would definitely have to shoot Huntington Beach in California!

  • Lauren Hill

    Can’t go past the beautiful Beaches of the Gold Coast Australia – Burleigh Beach I believe would be a fantastic place to shoot!

  • Sofia Silvestrini

    whites beach at broken head

  • soother

    I’d beach myself at Anse Source d’Argent on the island of La Digue, Seychelles. Their pale pink sands would be a delight to photograph.

  • Nathan Cassar

    City Beach at Wollongong – Because it is the closest to where I live and me, being incredibly impatient, wouldn’t be able to wait any longer to capture happy beach snaps! 🙂

  • jayla1987

    The beautiful hidden beaches along the costa brava Spain

  • Ruby Rubixcube

    This nice little cove not far from my house, I’ve never seen anyone else there so I try and keep it secret, I’ll narrow it down to Port Kennedy beach… somewhere 😛

  • Jac

    My local, Port Noarlunga, SA, Australia. We have the best of everything… a gorgeous reef/nature reserve, the river mouth winding past gorgeous red cliffs and a beautiful beach that stretches back towards an amazing jetty for fishing.

  • Isa Araneta

    I bet the beach edition Lomo Cam would take more amazing photos of El Nido, Philippines than the photo below this comment!

  • Daisy Smartt

    The first picture I would take would be of my local beach, Bateau Bay beach. I think this camera would do the beach the perfect amount of justice

  • Jamela Vendiola

    Definitely Boracay Philippines, never been there I wanted to take pic of the beautiful island using lomo camera

  • Lakshay Bahl

    Juhu Beach, Mumbai India

  • Hart Valencia

    I’d first bring beach edition lomo cam with me to Mahabang Buhangin beach which has white sand and Crystal blue waters at Calaguas island nearing the province of my mom Paracale, Bicol to capture my memories and experiences during my first time going there. It’ll be my first boat ride too haha.

  • Lai Arciga

    I’m from Bicol so I would probably use this Lomo Camera to Calaguas Island in my province! I haven’t been there, and it would be cool if I’d get to shoot my first experience in this island with my first ever-winning-online-contest prize!

  • Silvia Toding

    I’ll go to Bali, so many beautiful beaches on there…. just think about it make me so happy 😀 … hope I’m lucky enough to win this beautiful lomo camera and then go to Bali to take the picture 🙂 Amen….

  • Maurie Ivan Cabanez

    please I really really want a camera please please

  • Judy Thomas

    Rarotonga, The Cook Islands 🙂

  • Kylie Embury

    The stunning, pristine sand and water of Wineglass bay here in Tassie! The perfect spot for a Lomo!

  • valerieshane

    If i have beach edition lomo cam i’d bring this to Biri Island, Northern Samar. If you will see that beach it’s so amazing and it’s different. Different from the other beach. Ahhh! I love it! Its more fun here in the Philippines!

  • Mhae

    In Real Quezon at Baywatch 🙂

  • Rosie Bernadette

    I am expecting my first grandchild in a couple of weeks and I would love to take photos of my new grandchild and my daughter and son in law at beautiful Marlo beach in Gippsland, Vic, as this is the same beach that we took our daughter to when she was a child. It is a stunning beach holding so many happy memories.

  • denise donaldson

    No beaches here, but I would take it to Lake Sangchris. 🙂

  • Morgan

    I’d take it to the Seychelles. I’m planning to move there next year and apparently they have one of the most beautiful beaches in the world!

  • lisa megawati wijoyo

    Cottesloe beach, WA, Perth

  • DC Lorido

    I think the beach edition Lomo Cam would take more amazing photos of Aringay Beach in La Union, Philippines!

  • Andieharrie

    Heading to Honolulu so Hawaii it is thank you

  • Phill Harries

    home boy me Gold Coast Qld

  • Mirka

    Barceloneta Beach, Spain 🙂

  • Michelle

    Venice Beach, California

  • Marialuisa Di Costanzo

    Maronti Beach, (Barano d’Ischia, Napoli, Italy) *_*
    My favourite place

  • Jesse

    BIG CONGRATS TO…… Katherine Gaskin & Catarina Murray! You have been randomly selected as the winners of the Lomo Cameras! Email us your mailing address within 1 week to claim your prize!

    Thanks to everyone who entered! Stay tuned! We have some new amazing giveaways coming up soon.

    • Kylie Embury

      Congratulations Katherine and Catarina!

    • Katherine Gaskin

      Thanks so much guys! I’ll be sure to head somewhere awesome (hopefully Tahiti!) and use my new camera. Will share the photos once they’ve been taken.

  • Halimah Kilani

    it is a nice camera , I hope to win