Giveaway – Lomography Diana F + Instant Cameras

Our friends over at Lomography sent us a couple of cameras to give to away to you awesome Yodelers.

We have two Diana F + Instant Cameras that let you create dreamy images in a snap. We will even throw in a pack of instant film so you can start shooting right away! This package also includes a close-up lens, perfect for portraits. ($367 retail value.)

lomo side by side

Alright, who wants them!?

To win, simply join the Lomo and Global Yodel mailing lists in the widget below. If you want, there are a few ways to get additional entries as well. Bonus points if you comment below and tell us what your first shot would be with your new instant. We will choose two winners on Friday, October 17th, 2014. Good luck everyone!

Big congrats to Patrick Santucci and Jules Davis you have been selected at random as the winners of the Lomo Camera giveaway. Please email us your mailing address within seven days and we will ship your new Lomo camera out.



a Rafflecopter giveaway

  • Jules Davies

    What a beaut! Shot number 1: In some rolling yellow hills, holding this gem with two hands, spinning around, giggling, hair flying into my mouth probably. My first selfie ever.

    • Jesse

      great description – we can see it now – good luck

  • Sassafras

    So excited for this give away! My first shot would be of my two year old sister. She is obsessed with cameras and loves getting her picture taken with the biggest smile she can make! Maybe we’ll be at the beach for the shot!

    • Jesse

      cool! good luck

  • Miss Yumi

    This camera would join my collection of analogue toys–but I’ve never had a Polaroid camera! Since the drawing would be done on my mom’s birthday, I would have to get a first shot of her, possibly as my cat is surprise tossed in her general direction. Maybe as a bouquet of belated birthday flowers shower her. I’ll see what I can do.

    • Jesse

      haha – good stuff Miss Yumi – good luck

  • Rita

    I’d love to use this in Mexico! I’ll be visiting the Mexican Riviera and Tulum soon!

    • Jesse

      can we come?

      • Rita

        Meet us there!

  • Judith Dyason

    I’d head down to the local farmers’ market and shoot the sunrise setup.

    • Jesse

      good stuff Judith!

  • Adam S

    Probably my dogs.

  • Icel

    My dog’s newborn puppies! 🙂

  • Amanda Sheila

    My first shot would be my books! LOL, I’m a nerd, plus I’m not good at taking picture of people, especially myself. I tend to look funny and not hawt. 🙂 Never had my own camera before. I hope I win. *fingers cross*

  • pinksuzanne

    My first shot would be my grandchildren playing in the park.

  • jessy

    I’ll most likely be using it capture the newly dressed colors of the mountains here on the east coast.

  • Jana-Marie Kröeker

    My first picture would be of the golden trees that make the river valley in Edmonton, Alberta incredibly beautiful and colourful!

  • Emily Hinchcliff

    My parents just got married in August (on my birthday!) after being together for 42 years and were the first to introduce me to photography many years ago. I’d love for the first image to be of these sweet newlyweds.

  • Carlo Moralde

    My first shot would bea mirror shot portrait because our mind can deteriorate which means that we will forget some our memories but when I see this picture of mine. It will pop up onto my kind how I love photography. I want to enhance my talent. Thank you. 🙂

  • Afton Arlana

    I would take a snap of some action sports a kick flip in an alley with some sweet graff in the background 🙂 #JustGoShoot

  • Cindy H

    This is fabulous! My first shot would be of my feline friend watching the palm trees dance in the breeze outside my home.

  • Jessica Goss

    Today is my birthday and this would be THEE BEST GIFT EVER IN EXISTENCE! I would love to photograph the gorgeous scenery and people on my first trip to Europe in the end of October!

  • Maria del Mar

    My first shot would be from a sunset in the beach. It’s a little cliché but I think every sunset has something special and unique. I would love to captured that with a lomography instant camera.

  • Spectre Phang

    I going to take a selfie!

  • Krysta Wright

    My first shots with this will be of my little girl, probably during the golden hours. Such a sweet little model. <3

  • spence hornby

    something crazy that I don’t even know about yet.

  • Guest

    I want to capture the back eyes of my sweet boyfriend.

  • Irish Bonita Evangelio

    my first shot is the email announcement of this giveaway saying ” Irish, congratulations” yay! it will be the first picture in my lomo camera!

  • Ligia E Gómez

    I want to capture a little house I always see in my city, with beautiful flowers in front and an old door.

  • Marko Tuševljak Jr.

    I would capture this little meeting point in the old part of the city, right under the castle, that only few know about. I would shot it in the evening as you can se the sun going down from that point 🙂

  • Amy Albeus

    I don’t like planning what i’ll be taking a shot off,i love the spontaniety of the moment 🙂 but i assure you it’s something worth remembering <3

  • Merima Agičić

    With this camera I can jot down all the moments with your company and all the places I visit. This is a super model <3

  • Edmond Leung

    OMG, like totally, I would capture the flowers in the community garden.
    Wow, -diana-f-instant-cameras are fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly
    & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and
    generosity. Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win
    this contest

  • Natalija

    This Camera looks very nice, has a vintage look which I prefer, it is become a little bit boring to take a pictures by a mobile phone,and because of that I would like to have this Camera to take a pictures of my little family in old school way.
    Love it very much. ***

  • Lu

    Don’t you love looking in a photo album instead clicking next on pictures on a computer or laptop? I just love analog photography. There is no deleting because somebody looks bad in a photo and that’s why analog camera always looks so truly. Lomo cameras are amazing, and every picture taken with them is interesting in it’s own way. I have lomo fisheye camera and I use it every summer. It’s my favourite camera and it’s always so fun. Love it so much :****

  • namaluma

    This camera looks both modern and vintage. It was love at first sight when I saw it. I don’t have camera for few months and I really need one.
    I prefer to photograph the sky because it is the most inspiring part of nature to me.
    I really miss photo albums and I’m not sure when did I “fill” one. :/
    I hate deleting ugly photos. And because of these modern sh*ts we are more dissatisfied and suffer from lack of self-confidence. I need all kinds of photos: the ugly ones, pretty ones, funny ones, …
    I need this camera 😀 XOXO

  • Zorica

    It would be great for another fun filled moments with my daughter!

  • Melissa Bellucci

    I will take a Shoot whit my boyfrend (future husbend..) we will mary this will be so nice to take pictures of ar honney moon whit this camera <3

  • Irina Dubinskaya-Gnatiuk

    My first shots will be of my sweet little girl.)

    Thank you for the giveaway!

  • Abigail Fernandez Songco

    my first shots would definitely be with my daughter and lil’ boy.. plus the whole family! psyched bout this! crossing fingers! 🙂

  • Gord

    My first shot would be of my cats.

  • Tea Balta

    My first shot would be with my grandma. She is a true inspiration.

  • You Fess

    My first shot would be with my FRIENDS AND FAMILY.

  • Annaloa Hilmarsdottir

    I would take pictures of my new calico cat -she is so beautiful.

  • tttasha.14

    The first shot would be of our very first love nest since we are moving in together in a month! 🙂

  • Sanja Vecko Ex Tadic

    I want to take picture of sunset in my town

  • Valeria Beccari

    I would love to have a picture with my best friend to hang in my room~~ 🙂

  • ♔♡MiaVillaflores☺‏✌‏

    I would like to take a picture of my mom and dad with my sister because I will be leaving our country hopefully next month so I can work and give them an easier life.

  • Andrés Pérez

    I lovit!!!! wow its great!!

  • Meliana Maya Sari

    I would like to take a picture of the sky

  • Kayl

    My first shot would totally be the fields where I used to play when I was still a kid. I always dreamed of capturing that place in pictures as vividly as possible, with the birds of various kinds, the warm earthly colors and of course, completed with the vibrant hue of the clear blue sky. This, this would be my first shot really, if ever. ^_^

  • Arrah


    If ever I win these cameras ( crossing my fingers and hoping that I do ) my first shot will be a picture of my family and from then on I won’t miss a day without taking a picture since it’s really my dream to have pictures hanging in my room taken with such beautiful cameras 🙂

  • Miss Ehara’s Closet

    my own pic, mirror selfie, smile while holding this camera, ahahaha

  • Ivan Ivana Marenčić

    Great for creating beautiful pictures, selfie, for lasting memories

  • Benedict Tang

    My first shot would be of the lovely fallen leaves of the autumn season! Maybe of a maple leaf, since I am in Canada. 🙂

  • Ria Alemina

    My first shot gonna be to take my baby girl picture playing with his brother. lol

  • Guest

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted a Lomo! :0
    My first shot would be something really experimental… creative… probably I’m a visual artist and I’d use

  • Piaget Moss

    I’ve ALWAYS wanted a LOMO! :0
    I’m a visual artist and am very interested in experimental photography. My first shot would probably be a cool series of portraits!

  • Freya Nail

    its so nice to have give aways

  • Liesa Desisca

    Hello globalyodel!!

    I am Liesa from Singapore! I really think this giveaway is superrrrr awesome!!!
    OMG I am praying hard to win this awesome princess Diana F + Instant Cameras!! XD

    So yeah, if I win this princess Diana F + Instant Cameras, I would to shoot my best friend’s smile as my first shoot! XD 😀

  • Elinor Semira

    My first shot would be about my daughter dancing in the rain since it is already rainy season here on my part of the world. ^.^

  • Ioana Nedelcu

    My first shot would be with my family, because they are so special. And be sure Diana will be part of my family

  • Arianne Mae

    My first shot would be the portrait of my fiance whom i love so much and whom owe my life to:)

  • Divya Asha

    My first shot would be picture with my kid.

  • slither1004

    My first shot would be my niece’s first walk!

  • ♥ Romanian Mixer ♥

    My first shot would be with my violin, because it’s one of the most special things of my life. Lomography Diana will be one of my most special things, too. My hole life will be photographed by her 😀

  • Jade Biscuiţel

    Hi Global Yodel Team! My first shot would be with my twin sisters, because I love them so much.
    I wanna “meet” Lomo Diana, because I think she can make my life better .
    See ya

  • Crystal Marie Cañete

    My first shot would be of my Siamese cat named Logan because he is irresistibly cute and handsome, I bet you’ll in love with him too. =)

  • Marner Campbell Benjamin

    My first shot would be the San de Cristos Mountains—-WOW!

  • Alex Charlton-Kral

    My first shot would be at my favourite beach in my hometown

  • Caroline Kelly

    My home is currently undergoing renovations and some great before and after pictures will reflect the effort undertaken to achieve our dream home.

  • Skye

    My gorgeous son 🙂

  • melj

    When the slab goes down for my brand new house!

  • Ashley M.

    Honestly it would probably be my dog!

  • Irene

    My first shot would be of our 2 dogs.

  • Jesse

    Big congrats to Patrick Santucci and Jules Davis you have been selected at random as the winners of the Lomo Camera giveaway. Please email us your mailing address within seven days and we will ship your new Lomo camera out.