Giveaway – MAKR Prize Packs

MAKR designs and produces beautiful handmade leather goods. Their wallets, bags, iPhone and iPad sleeves, key chains, accessories and studio furnishings are all proudly made in the USA.



Our friends at Makr set us up with a beautiful daypack and notebook prize pack, a $283 value, and a farm tote and notebook prize pack, a $173 value,  to give to two very lucky Yodelers.


To win, simply join the Makr and Global Yodel mailing list in the widget below. If you want, there are a few ways to get additional entries as well.


Bonus points if you comment below and tell us the first story you would write in your new notebook. We will choose two winners on Monday, July 14th, 2014.

Good luck Yodelers!

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This Yodel by Helen Anne Travis

  • Alice Elin

    It’s not a story but it’s my night dreams that I would write on the notebook. They are inspirations to my digital art and some visionary video 🙂

  • Katy Bilbao

    I will take this bag to my business trip to London at the end of the summer and the notebook is the perfect size to carry it with you everywhere and note new ideas, and especially it is useful when you need to give your kid some notebook to express his creativity and incredible drawings during boring and long flights, queues in supermarket…etc. My notebooks is the source of inspiration.

  • Debra Holloway

    This set is totally awesome. It is roomy and I need the space.

  • Amelia

    The first thing I would write in it would be the start of my journal when I take part in a research project on San Cristobal in the Galapagos archipelago later in the year!

  • Nancy Parsons

    I would keep a journal of my new baby boy.

  • Matthew Pike

    My “this year’s goals” to-do list.

  • Mary Beth Elderton

    I would write the story of our making our new (older), almost “tiny” home. It’s a story in progress now.

  • dz

    I would write about the food I’ve eaten recently, how it taste and my guessing for its recipe. That would be fun food writing

  • Joy M.

    I would write down quotes that help me get through the day.

  • Robin Lack

    I would write my recipes in it

  • Marnie Davis Ward

    In the notebook I would keep track of special things that happen or special people I met and why I thought that way.

  • ruby

    the week after the winner will be announced i willl go to berlin for a week. so i will use it as a holiday diary!

  • meow

    i would write the most important dates and quotes on the first page

  • Katie Blackman

    i would write down a summer bucket list of fun things to do!

  • Svetlana L

    Love the prizes 🙂

  • Judith Dyason

    This notebook would be the perfect size for sketches and scribbles of the everyday things I find inspirational for my design work.

  • Andieharrie

    Thank you

  • Prateek Sinha

    i would write the story of my life in college if i win the notebook

  • Jennifer Snyder

    I would journal my upcoming road trip to Oregon, Washington and Montana!

  • markrees

    I would share this prize with my partner and make a visual diary + journal with the prize.

  • Andy Thompson

    Journal for next road trip

  • Sophie Casson

    I would draw my family that I haven’t seen in 6 years on my trip to France this summer: my cousin in their parisian appartement, my other cousin under an olive tree in Provence, her kids playing in the river close to Avignon… a memory-maker.

  • Don

    I would write a travel journal, for my future kid to read.

  • k8053

    I’d ask my mum to start writing her biography. She’s 81 next week & has never really spoken about her childhood in North Wales.

  • Jennifer Sakurai

    I would write a comedic version of the trials and tribulations of a job search…

  • Emma Debany

    i’d write the story for my next zine!

  • lykatan

    i’d write a bucket list 🙂

  • Amanda Sheila

    I’d write about my life. Simply what’s going on with my life, my family, my *ehem* love life and my dream. Then I’ll continue to write everything. But not as diary, I think, because I prefer a diary with lock. 🙂

  • caren

    I’d like to write the things that happen to me everydy. Also write poems and song that i made. 🙂

  • Ragavi R

    I’ll be beginning my career as an advocate in India soon and the first story I right will be my first day in court on my own, with my own client. 🙂

  • cristina

    I would share this prize with my partner and make a visual diary + journal with the prize

  • Cogito Ergosum

    lovely chance, thanks!!!

  • Marghe Give

    thanks for this giveaway <3

  • alexis son

    this is a good chance to win. if i have this prize, i will write the love story with my wife in the new notebook and have it published. our story will surely inspire couples who planned to tie the knot and those who are already married.

  • bootswon

    Lovely bags! I would love to win! connie danielson

  • Brenda Witherspoon-Bedard

    I would write about my adventure moving to a new city

  • Helen Anne Travis

    I’m loving everyone’s responses. You all are so creative!

  • Sue T

    I would write about the daily adventures of my 2 year old. It would have it all, laughter, tears and of course tantrums! Apart from making for a good read, it would be the ideal way for me to vent some of my frustrations of being the parent to a 2 year old boy.

  • Kara Chidlow

    If I were to be the lucky Yodeler… I would write about my nursing volunteer experience in remote OmKoi region of Thailand, & the surprise news i found out two days before our departure – my husband & I are expecting our first baby!

    • Jens Ken Lundstrom


  • Vanda Prete

    Love the prizes, thanks for the give

  • Beksmum

    I would have the notebook on my bedside table, to write down all my dreams while they are still clear in my head, and all the ideas that come to you when you are in the relaxed state 🙂

  • Emily Dodson

    I’m currently working with a non profit in the Tenderloin district of San Francisco. Every day I meet homeless, drug addicted, and physically and mentally ill residents of this area. They have amazing stories, some used to be successful business men before it all went wrong, some ended up here from sickness, others from hard family times or simply from addiction. I would write their stories so that they are remembered by someone.

  • Dragana Nižić-Prce

    My first story that I would like to write in new notebook will be about my loving son.

  • Bill Singwatt

    Love it!

  • Jens Ken Lundstrom

    My first story I would write in my new notebook. is the one of my Pittbull Blacky that I miss so much…

  • Kiyoko

    If I won, then my first story would be about winning!

  • cherry tan

    my first story would be how i felt the day i receive the prizes

  • Kendra W.

    I would write a “quick” summary of my past life events. Going through all important aspects of my life, what I hope to accomplish in my future, and of course my present!

  • joe

    Who won in this contest? I wish my name will be picked. 🙂

  • Jesse

    Big congrats to Emily Dodson & Lou Noble! You are the winners of the prize packs! Please email us ( with your mailing addresses within week to claim your prize!

    • Amanda Sheila

      if they don’t claim their prize, would you pick another winners?

    • joe

      Oh, they sure are lucky. Another content please, I want that bag. It looks cool 🙂