Great Recession by Christopher Gideon in Royal Oak, Michigan, USA

Business closures are commonplace in my area ever since the Great Recession. Even those that seemed to weather the storm are still falling victim every day.

Name:Christopher Gideon

Place you live: Royal Oak, Michigan, USA (outside of Detroit)

Specific location your photo was taken: Recently-closed Dunkin Donuts in the neighboring community of Clawson, MI

Can you sum up the place you live: Royal Oak is a suburb just north of Detroit, Michigan. It’s a working middle class neighborhood built just after World War II. It’s quiet. It feels safe.

Occupation: Artist

Preoccupation: Thoroughly photo-documenting my neighbors’ cat.

A perfect day in your area? Hopping around to different art openings in Detroit on a warm summer evening.

What is the best thing about your spot? The location. It’s no more than a ten to twenty minute drive to the other thriving local districts, including Detroit.

What is the worst? For the last several years, the story has been the economy. The Big Three are essentially the crux of Detroit. When they are hurting, we are hurting.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider? The quality and quantity of real estate that is available for the money.

Where is your favorite place in the world? Generally speaking, I love the Pacific Northwest. One of my favorite cities is Seattle. I always feel a certain kinship with it while I’m there.

Who are three of your favorite artists right now? Andy Warhol, Jeff Koons, Matthew Barney


Name:Christopher Gideon

City:Royal Oak

Not to miss?

Art-wise, if you’re in Detroit, definitely stop by the DIA and the MOCAD. If you’re in the suburbs north of Detroit, take a trip to the Cranbrook Academy of Art.

Best place to eat?

I’m a sucker for Lebanese cuisine. Royal Kabob in Hamtramck gets it right.

Best place to drink?

Ferndale has a great bar scene. The Bosco and The Loving Touch come to mind.