Hamlet by Jeff Barnett-Winsby in Wassaic, New York, USA

These images locate two specific actions that have defined our town. First these images show the site of the early iron furnaces which were the reason for the growth of the town in the early 19th century. And second these photographs include the highway which when moved to this location on the Wassaic’s edge, after the demolition of the furnaces, essentially killed the hamlet.

Name:Jeff Barnett-Winsby

Place you live: Wassaic, NY

Place your photo was taken: These were taken in Wassaic, NY.

Can you sum up Wassaic? Wassaic, NY is a very rural town in eastern Dutchess county. It is tied to New York City by the metro north railroad which comes right through the town center. It is beautiful, quiet (except for the train) and forgotten. Eve Biddle, Bowie Zunino, and I run an artist residency and non-profit arts organization called the Wassaic Project which is helping to bring back this amazing little hamlet.

Occupation: Co-Executive Director of the Wassaic Project, artist, budding restauranteur

Preoccupation: Cooking, traveling, wood working, making, parenting.

A perfect day in Wassaic? August 2-4 2013. These are the dates of the free festival we throw every year.

A perfect meal in Wassaic? Wood fired pizza from the Lantern in Wassaic (Currently only special events but will be full time come summer).