Into the Green, Into the Blue by Maria in Lake Fuschl

Lake Fuschl is a stunning lake about thirty minutes outside of Salzburg. It is crystal clear and its colors are a mixture of turquoise and emerald green.

A lot of tourists visit the lake. I frequently share the bus with Americans, Japanese and Russians. Unfortunately (for them) they only go to the least beautiful part – to the little tourist village Fuschl. There are nice hotels and cafes there, but being at the lake for local people means much more than taking some pictures and nipping on an iced coffee.

There is a little path all around the lake. No street, no cars, only nature and great locations to take a swim and have a bite to eat. The path is about 11 kilometers and takes around three hours to hike. Bring your bathing suit and plan to spend the whole day! Just don’t forget to bring enough water, good shoes, sunscreen and a hat.






Tell us about Lake Fuschl:

Lake Fuschl is very touristy, but also very beautiful. It’s a bit narrow-minded and high class, but by living here you get to explore the more alternative parts of the city. We have great food, great beer, and absolutely stunning nature. It’s an international city that still manages to feel traditional and cozy.

A perfect day?

If I stay in the city, I will sleep in, cycle to the center and have breakfast in a nice cafe. After that I will cycle along the river Salzach down south to the little village of Hallein. There they have the best Italian ice cream. On my way back I will stop near the big pink bridge, where the river Salzach and another little river come together. Along the other river is a place called Königssee-Ache. You can sit at the shore there, go for a swim in the cold waters, and enjoy the view of the amazing mountain called Untersberg. On the way back I will stop somewhere for Austrian food.

What is the best thing about Lake Fuschl?

It is green and surrounded by nature, even in the city.

What is the worst?

It is crowded and touristy, which makes it expensive.

What would be surprising about Lake Fuschl and Salzburg to an outsider?

Salzburg is a cultural city but tourists are too focused on Mozart, the Trapp family and the Festspiele. Most people I know don’t give a damn about those things.

If Lake Fuschl was a person or character who would it be?

A princess, beautiful but a bit big-headed.

Who are two of your favorite artists?

Erwin Wagenhofer and Andreas Altmann.




Favorite place to eat:

Gasthaus Krimpelstätter

Favorite place to drink:


Favorite shop:

The Schrannenmarkt Market every Thursday morning.

Local Tip:

Climb the two tiny mountains that split the city center, Kapuzinerberg and Mönchsberg, for stunning views of the city.

Must Do:

Cycle. Everybody does it here.