Itchin’ on a Photograph by Jordan Bahat in 4 Aces Movie Set, Palmdale, California, USA

The video takes place in the sort of iconic, timeless Californian motel we see in the movies. It’s not a real representation of Southern California. It’s not real at all, as the location itself is literally just a standing set – but in a way that connects with the longstanding heritage of Southern California and the city of Los Angeles. It’s a mirage.

Name:Jordan Bahat

Place you live: Los Angeles, California

Place your video was made: 4 ACES MOVIE SET, PALMDALE, CA – It’s a standing set in the middle of the badlands with a fully decorated motel, gas station, and diner set. Once you shoot there, you’ll start seeing the set in all sorts of films, TV, videos and commercials. Turns out everyone shoots there… but it’s the perfect classic roadside set.

Can you sum up LA? I live on the west side of LA…and as big as the city is, it’s small town local living over here.

Occupation: Director

Preoccupation: My dog, China.

A perfect day in LA? Have an ice cream at Runyon Canyon and watch other people work out.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Catch a film at Cinefamily or a double feature at The New Beverly.

A perfect meal in LA? The chicken basket at Reddi Chick in Brentwood or the late night La Reyna taco stand on 7th and Mateo downtown.

Who are your three favorite photographers? Larry ClarkJeff WallWilliam Eggleston