Kitchen View by Ivars Gravlejs in Riga, Latvia

Name:Ivars Gravlejs

Place you live: Riga, Latvia

Place your photo was taken: Riga – city center, my ex-flat

Occupation: Artist, teacher, installation worker

Preoccupation: Sleeping

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Go to the big market place and buy a fish.

A perfect meal in Riga? Bread Soup (dessert) – 150 g stale or toasted dark rye bread, 2 cups (1/2 l) boiling water, 20 g sugar, 20 g brown sugar, 2 tbsp cranberry, juice concentrate, 40 g dried fruit (apples, raisins, prunes), finely chopped, cinnamon, ground cloves, sweetened whipped cream.

Tell us a locals only tip. Take a tram Nr5 and travel for 2 hours just for 1USD. This is great sightseeing.