LA Treasure by Jordan Bahat in Santa Monica, California, USA

I’ve included a sort of abstract photo of my favorite coffee house here in LA. I’ve shot it at this kind of angle because it’s sort of this secret place… Well not really as it’s filled with writers at all times but it has amazing history.

I discovered this coffee house as I was looking for a nice place to write. There’s no Internet and the food is pretty mediocre so you have no excuse and no distractions. Plus all the other writers in the place give you the stink eye if you’re not working. It’s great motivation and the lighting is soft and beautiful all day.

The walls are lined with old portraits of musicians and boxers. There was rumored to be an underground boxing gym beneath the coffee shop – supposedly owned by Bob Dylan. He’d be in there along with a few wiry prizefighting hopefuls and gut-heavy Hollywood studio types. A really funny mix of people and a classic LA treasure.

Name:Jordan Bahat

Place you live: Los Angeles

Place of photo: Santa Monica

Occupation: Director (filmmusic videocommercials)

Preoccupation: Boxing

A perfect day in LA: A perfect day is a day spent location scouting in the desert. I love my city and I love my work because there is so much I can explore within a short distance. Then back home to watch a movie with my girlfriend and my dog: China-the-dog.

For the visitor? Accept that the only way to really enjoy this city is to live in it. The distances are too vast for a visit. The city is a slow burn.

A perfect meal: Reddi-Chick chicken in a basket at the Brentwood Country Mart. Sit around the fire pit.

Best thing about this spot I photographed: There’s no Internet.

The worst: There’s no Internet.

Little known fact about L.A.? The locals are good people.

Favorite place in the world: Brentwood Country Mart