Laid Back by Wyatt Shaw in Kauai, USA

Name:Wyatt Shaw

Place you live: Kauai a small island in Hawaii where everyone knows everyone. Its a real laid back community with a lot of local owned businesses. When everyone is not at work they are usually at the beach surfing or kicking back enjoying the sunset with a cold drink and some good company.

Place your photo was taken? Kauai

Occupation: I’m currently a server at a local restaurant and when I’m not at work there I’m working at my other job in the ocean taking photos.

A perfect day in Kauai? A perfect day in my town would be a sunny warm day starting at 6 am with a nice glassy head high swell with perfect barrels that lasted all day. All my friends would be out in the water with me surfing and some on the sand cooking up some BBQ. We would surf till the sunset and enjoy some cold drinks and laughs with good company.

If someone was visiting what must they do? There are two things that are a must in Hawaii.

1. Try a spam musubi, a local invention of spam wrapped in seaweed and rice.  If you haven’t heard of one it may sound gross but trust me there amazing!

2. If you have not surfed before go to a surf shop and rent a board!! Most shops offer lessons as well!

A perfect meal? The perfect meal here aside from the musibi, would be a nice big plate of kalua pig with a side of lomi lomi salmon, ahi poke and a nice big thing of rice, and sticky white rice for those who use the non sticky rice 🙂

What is the best thing about Kauai? My favorite thing about where I live is the vibe everyone has, most everyone here is very laid back and full of good energy.

And the worst? The worst thing about my spot is, yes sorry to say, the tourists. They just drive so slow so they can take photos while they drive. You hear things as ridiculous as “is there water all the way around the island?” in a serious tone. Its hard not to get annoyed from time to time.

Some of your favorite photographers? Right now I am really am into Clark LittleKenji Croman and Warren Keelan, all great wave photographers.