Langly Camera Bag & Strap Giveaway

A lot of camera bags out there are very functional but look like crap. Langly is changing this. They are creating some of the most utilitarian camera bags/accessories on the market while keeping a stylish aesthetic. Their products are designed with meticulous attention to every detail. Lucky for you we are giving away this WWII inspired Alpha Pro bag ($249) from our friends at Langly.


The Alpha Pro camera bag is crafted out of waterproofed canvas with leather and brass detailing. Langly bags are designed to hold a SLR and up to 4 additional lenses and a 15” laptop. The top compartment holds at least a days worth of clothing making it ideal for day trips. All interior dividers are removable and adjustable to fit the specific needs of your camera equipment. Strategically placed padding and sweat wicking material along the back and shoulder straps make the bag a comfortable traveling companion. Absolute perfection!


The Langly Sniper camera strap ($35) is made with nylon webbing and 550 Parachord that was originally used in the suspension lines of US parachutes during World War II. Once in the field, paratroopers found this cord useful for many other tasks. The durable nylon webbing is lined with Suede for comfort. You can adjust the length of the strap to fit your needs. Its my favorite camera strap ever.


Alright! Who wants this amazing Langly Alpha Pro bag and Sniper camera strap? To win this bag just leave a comment below. In the comment tell us what you love about photography. If you follow @Langly and @GlobalYodel on Instagram and tag a new inspiring local photo with #LANGLYxGLOBALYODEL I will count that as an additional entry. One lucky winner for the bag and one lucky winner for the strap will be chosen on Friday October 11th. GOOD LUCK!  BIG CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS!

Lparshley You are the potential winner of the Langly camera bag!

Alvin Nguyen you are the potential winner of the Langly camera strap!

Email us your snail mail address within 5 days (on or before October 16th) to claim your prize. If we don’t hear from you by then we will award someone else.

  • Jesse

    good luck everyone

  • R3

    Would love that ! Thanks for the giveaway 🙂 It would be a great help for my traveling photos, i love capture unique places i go to !

    • Jesse

      Hi R3 – I have one myself and its amazing for traveling. Thanks for the comment.

  • João Francisco Jacinto

    What I Love about photography is that when you hit the button you are perpetuating a personal moment for ever and that feeling is unique! Great idea this Giveway

    Best Regards,
    João Jacinto

    • Jesse

      Joao, thanks for sharing what you love about photography.

  • Josefin Svedberg

    I love that photography takes me places I wouldn’t have seen otherwise, even the corners of my own backyard.

    • Jesse

      Well said Josefin – cool how it can make you look at home from a new angle.

  • j4m3z

    I like photography because it allows me the chance to capture far away places and people and bring it home with me.

    • Jesse

      me too

  • Shaun Morrison

    Photography to me is a super power, stopping time so that I may admire that capture immediately or 20 years from now. The priceless collection of emotions, adventures you have embarked on and the people you have met along the years. It’s a passion, a way of life, an expression of one’s self, it’s my super power. This is why I love photography.

    • Jesse

      Nice perspective Shaun! Love the super power analogy.

  • Bradley pavard

    I relish in the story telling of good photography.

    • Jesse

      what a great medium to tell a story with

  • Josh Jensen

    Photography instills a scavenger hunt to to find beautiful compositions and forms in mundane and overlooked objects/locations of the everyday. I love to find new ways of looking at things that only a photo can truly capture.

    • Jesse


  • Melanie Fee

    Ahhhh… photography is simply my heart & soul. I love to capture the true honest beauty in people & all the little moments in between. Thanks for the RAD chance… this bag is fabulous!

    • Jesse

      Thanks Melanie!

  • Daphney Alarie

    I love to capture what will become beautiful nostalgia in the future.

    • Jesse

      well said Daphney

  • Scott H

    Looks like a beautiful set.


    The reason I love photography it is because it makes me feel alive and helps me express myself, I feel like time is full of hundreds of amazing moments each moment can be reproduced at the same time in millions of places around the world. Getting a good pictures and seeing the great results at the end really makes me happy seeing that my hard work and time is not being wasted and that a picture is worth a thousand words

  • samimi_extremie

    For me, photography is my heart and soul’s work. When I think of photography, I think of adventure and exploration – of our beautiful landscapes and people – and of ourselves. Photography to me is capturing a memory. Forever. Sealing it in time, for you to go back to and experience all over again. It captures memories more than anything else: sound…taste…I am so grateful for this medium, as there is a magic to capturing our lives moments, no matter how mundane they might seem – all of these captures/moments are beautiful and sacred.

    I just started my photography business six months ago and as one can imagine – some times months are great and some times they’re slow. Be that as it may, I have to really watch where I spend my money on the business. I have forever wanted a stylish, hip, SMART camera bag to carry all my different cameras, but haven’t been able to justify the cost yet. I would SO love this stunning Langly Alpha Pro Bag, and be SO thrilled to ditch my cheesy roller bag I currently have 🙁 . To be able to roll up to a photoshoot with this bag, would be the icing on the cake and really seal the entire package I’m offering; it would really complement my photography aesthetic and help me get to that next level of [hip] professionalism. Thanks for the opportunity; I would be forever grateful!!! You guys are SO amazing!

    • Jesse

      Thanks for the thoughtful comment Layli. I love the concept of sealing a memory in time for you to go back to and experience all over again. Its a powerful medium.

  • 4shots

    i love photography because of pictures of jared.

    • samimi_extremie

      that’s so beautiful.

    • Jesse


  • Justin Tyler Capp

    I love photography because of the stories that you can tell with it. It’s always fun to look back on previous adventures I’ve done, to reminisce about them, and then to find inspiration for new adventures to have and new stories to tell. It never gets old.

    • Jesse

      I know what you mean, its fun finding an old adventure you forgot about isn’t it?

  • dasketch

    I love photography because it requires me to know a lot of things, of any kind

  • Stasha

    Well there is nothing I don’t like about photography which is the ultimate reason to like something 😉 and I really like this bag!!

    • Jesse

      Its very PNW wouldn’t you say?

      • Stasha

        Yes!!! Very.

  • Lab Love Art Brand

    photography is capture the moment and bring it to the eternity

  • Hugo Henriques

    Hi! I love photography a lot! Since my 20s I’ve started a quest for the perfect analogue camera, to a daily use not for let them in a shelf becoming rusty. I’ve had an Yashica with a 2 kg weight, a XA, a Minolta X300, a lot of instant film cameras, a lot more of cameras that never worked and my treasure, an Yashica 5000-E with a lens that makes me feel good vibes just for looking at it. You can say that this is not love for photography, and maybe I’m a little confused, but they have all been used to exhaustion ( some literally).

    But… I know someone who I can assure, really loves photography as an supreme art, someone who lives and thinks the thing, who dreams about it and has been developing an artistic point of view that’s profound and meaningful. Who takes risks everyday just to get a picture (but in the end… It’s not just a picture).

    She would love this bag, it’s her style of low-profile thinking!!

    • Jesse

      Good luck Hugo!

  • Billy Roberts

    Photography for me is about seeking that perfect moment to press the button. I hear the click and know that I have captured that moment and can share it with others, show them what I saw, so that maybe, just maybe, they too will look upon the world with the same amazement.

    • Jesse

      Good luck Billy

  • David Gunter

    Very practical bag. Nice looking as well.

    • Jesse

      I love that connection too

  • tigerstripe

    Photography is the eye of memory. How can you not love that?

    • Jesse

      Love it!

  • Laura Edell

    I love that you never stop learning new things about photography.

  • Travelwanderings

    I love photography because it helps take me away to another place, and it can help me show other people what the world looks like through my eyes. We can share how everything looks different through different eyes.

    • Jesse

      Everyone has their own perspective, what a perfect medium to show that with.

      • Travelwanderings


  • Julien Muresianu

    Photography is wonderful as it makes you stop and look at the world. Look at it for real.

    • Jesse

      It definitely makes you look at your surroundings in a different way.

  • Guest

    Every photograph tells a story. There is no good or bad images. Just stories for us to unfold, live or relive, share and help others see things from a new perspective – what’s not to love about photography?

  • Alvin Nguyen

    Every photograph tells a story. There is no good or bad images. Just stories for us to unfold, live or relive, share and help others see things from a new perspective – I love that everyone is sharing their stories with me.

    • Jesse

      Good point on the story telling aspect

    • Jesse

      Congrats Alvin Nguyen you are the potential winner of the Langly camera strap. Email us your snail mail address within 5 days (on or before October 16th) and the strap is yours!

  • Jacqueline Polley

    To me, photography means encapsulating not only an image, but an entire experience. Whether your photos are of a loved one, a journey to a new place, or a retired train station, the goal is always the same; photos immortalize our subject and provide a window with which to view the past.

    • Jesse

      love it

  • Sean Lee

    Sometimes, it is simply too personal to describe why one loves photography. Love for the subject, for the moment, for the light, for the feeling, for the time, for the place you are at, for the way you look at what you shoot, for the ideas you have, for the theories, for the criticisms, for the failures, for the mistakes, for knowing that there will always be tomorrow and forever.

    • Jesse

      Well said Sean!

  • La Curieuse

    I just don”t manage to explain it, I just love pictures. Live for pictures, nice ones. I don’t read books – the ones with no pictures. I don’t find in words what I fond in pictures, evasion, dream, and so much more…

    • Jesse

      Its hard to explain…

  • Eric Alessandrini

    My favorite thing about photography is the social aspect of it. It shows others not only what you see, but how you see it. No one has the exact same view.

    • Jesse

      Well said Eric

  • Lparshley

    As an international journalist who is often in unlikely places with only a backpack, I really appreciate the design of this bag.

    Every photographer knows that rush when the shutter clicks at just the right moment, the sense of an expanding capacity for awe. It’s why the joy in photography is less about the camera equipment and more, as Dorothy Lange said, about learning to see.

    • Jesse

      Love your perspective here and agree with Dorothy Lange! What sort of journalism work do you do?

    • Jesse

      Lphashley! CONGRATS – You are the potential winner of the Langly Camera bag! Email us your snail mail address within 5 days (on or before October 16th) and the bag is yours! Thanks for tagging the giveaway on Instagram as well!

  • David Casteel

    Looks great for the weekend!

    • Jesse


  • Ben Mitchell

    There’s no way that I”m going to come up with some prose that will outdo everyone here. But to me photography is an escape. In a world of chaos its my order and its the only time I get to step away from the Monday to Friday Ben and do and shoot whatever I want. Its honesty and authenticity unlike any other art form can deliver.

    • Jesse

      Ben, appreciate you honest words here.

  • Sam Davis

    I like the idea of trying to present to someone a scene as you see it in your head. Or searching for a place and vibe that a certain song conjures up in your mind and finding a way capture all of it in a single image.

    I always think of the way looking at old sci-fi novel covers makes me wonder what lies just outside the frame, and what things would look like if I were able to jump in there and press play. What happens immediately after that small snapshot that we get of some alien world?

    I’d like to be able to make something that causes others to ask those same questions.

    • Jesse

      Love it Sam! Thanks for the comment

  • gastrognome

    …because it has actually been generating paychecks lately.

    • Jesse

      thats awesome! congrats

  • Juan Quedo

    Photography is the stamping of the photographer’s viewing, is unique like a footprint!

  • Kevin Liu

    Wow. this looks like a great bag, been looking for a non-photobag-looking travel bag for a while. Is there anyplace to put a tripod?

  • scott logue

    Photography speaks to everyone without using words. It’s the universal language that needs no translation. It’s about freedom, expression and emotion. That’s why I love photography.
    Thanks for the inspiration through global_yodel
    Scotty Logue

  • Juan Villar

    What i love about photography is that it lets realize how the world changes every second, you wouldnt be able to take the same exact photo twice, because every picture you take has its own essence!

  • Tai Ra

    The thing about photography is you continue to live vicariously in the moment if the picture was taken in the perfect light, with the right background and that someone special either in your heart or in your lens/life at the time. Photos, to me, can extend a perfect moment in time that can never be recaptured no matter how many times you try.

  • kelly

    I love how you can capture those amazing moments and relive them over and over again

  • Sheila Hall

    I love photography because it captures moments and experiences that you can be reminded of by looking at the pictures.

  • Kari Rau

    I love the uniqueness in every shot.

  • Lori

    First of all, ohmigod what an amazing bag. Just looking at the photos makes me want to go on an adventure! What I love about photography is the power you feel behind the camera. It’s inspiring. To feel important. People love having moments captured, and you can help them save those special moments in their lives. I just started rock climbing, and these climbers – who don’t usually have a photographer to document their epic climbs – are so grateful to have me around. So it makes everyone feel special all around! Would be a great bag to take out on the rocks with my gear.

  • alfonso ortiz

    Lovin my great new world of photography…so many things to see and enjoy

  • brennifresh

    The power of capturing every detail about a moment in time. Details that would normally be missed, forgotten or taken for granted.

  • carrotstu

    Photography is my life! Seriously, if I get cut, I don’t bleed blood…..developer is what courses through these veins! I have to drink a steady diet of acetic acid just to keep myself balanced. So, you see, I really need this bag to keep me going. 🙂

  • Brandon Heston

    I love photography becasue it can tell two stories. the one the photographer is telling and the one the viewer is seeing.

  • Greg

    amazing design. Perfect

  • zombaid

    I just go along with Jim, who once said:
    “I want my work to become part of our visual history, to enter our collective memory and our collective conscience. I hope it will serve to remind us that history’s deepest tragedies concern not the great protagonists who set events in motion but the countless ordinary people who are caught up in those events and torn apart by their remorseless fury.”

  • Alex Black

    I love that you can show people what you see, even when you can’t say the words. I love seeing what other people see and knowing what’s important to them.

  • lauren

    i love photography because i can go back and “look” at my travel memories when they start getting hazy. (and its nice, because i only took photos of the good times.)

  • Jack Gerard

    Photography is a beautiful artistic capture of a moment. It allows the human mind to see an image and recreate it with artistic vision and body. Photography to me is a self expression, a meaning of showing and telling the world how I feel at that moment. With the click of a shutter I can explain my meaning in an instant. When I decided I wanted to be a photographer It was a choice, but now it has grown into something much more then that. I have explored the world and found new meaning to life. I met outstanding individuals who have helped and guided me along a path, that without photography I might not have taken. From hiking into the Narrows of Zion Utah to exploring the depths of my inner most thoughts photography has been there. Often times i find myself looking through my viewfinder and I have to stop. I have to wait and feel the moment. I have to be part of the world and part of the image. Photography was a choice, now it is my passion and fuel for the future.

    Jack Gerard

  • Jesse Mawhinney

    I love photography for many reasons but two really standout. 1. Photography causes me to slow down, pay attention to the details in my surroundings and see things I would never notice if I wasn’t making photos. 2. When I return home to edit my photos, I often have even more appreciation for the beauty of the locations and subjects I shot. Photographs are journal, I want to leave a complete story of my life through my photography.

  • garrettgee

    I love photography because it’s like a screenshot for the mind to capture life’s most special moments.

  • Kelsey F

    I love photography because it puts a frame around a moment in time. It is literally a capture of about 1/250ths of a second in time (more or less, haha). As that piece of time is put to a memory card or to paper, upon seeing it again, the rest of the scene plays in my head. It immortalizes a fragment of time, and allows it to never be forgotten. It is able to be shared to invoke wonder and curiosity in others who see it.

    Photography gives us the opportunity to learn about our roots. It allows me to understand who my grandpa was. It lets me travel the world with him when he was 17 and sailing for the Navy in WWII. It allows me to see how happy my grandparents were on their wedding day, on the day they bought their first house, on the day they first held me.

    I love photography because no matter what kind of gear you have, the content itself is what is important. I still use my grandpa’s camera, and my father’s camera that he was given to him by his grandfather.
    And for a gal like me, I would suuuuuure love to protect them in a Langly bag and camera strap! And maybe pass them along to my kids some day 🙂

  • Nathan Tecson

    What I love about photography are all the stories it’s allowed me the opportunity to share with others as well as the stories it’s allowed others to share with me. I really love how that has connected me with people.

    Thank you so much for the giveaway, @GlobalYodel:disqus and @Langly!

  • Emily Capisciolto

    I love photography because its the only art that captures life as it actually truley is. It shows raw emotion

  • C D

    Its pretty simple for me, i love to share with others how i was able to witness them in my mind! Each photo has a story behind it and I enjoy capturing that story as best as I can and even more so daydreaming about the stories that come with others photos! Photography is my inspiration

  • David S

    Photography is a universal language. Freezing a moment in time does more than just tell a story or evoke any number of emotions to the onlooker. The beauty is, anyone can participate. Therefore we can all communicate.

  • Lauren Bernot

    I love photography because it lets me capture a moment and memory in time that comes back to me the instant I look at a photo. It’s amazing!

  • Cat Coyle

    I love to show people what I love… and what I see. I love sharing the beauty of everyday things.

  • timheyer

    Just got one more reason to love photography – the chance to win this cool bag!

  • Seth

    Photography is one of the most intriguing art forms.

  • MaryMWithrow

    Anything can make a great photo! Just takes the perfect angle!

  • Eric Lang

    I love phototography because it is a lot easier showing them my experiences than painting them a picture with words.

  • Laurie Nykaza

    People we love who are no longer with us in photographs make it amazing to be able to recall the past through pictures they truly are such a treasure.

  • Morgan Lyman

    I love photography because although I know the beauty of nature cannot fully be captured, it is fun to see how close you can get. I love the challenge of capturing as close as possible, the beauty of God’s creations.

  • Joanna Boice

    I love photography because nothing
    brings a memory to life like a photo. I just spent the last week compiling 9
    decades of photos for my Grandpa’s memorial. Watching my Grandmother smile,
    laugh, and cry as she recounted all of the remarkable experiences her and my
    Grandfather shared over 67 years of marriage…nothing else could have allowed
    us to share in this beautiful life. These photos will allow the memory of my
    Grandfather to continue on to his 41 great grand children. It is incredible how
    a simple picture can convey what can never be described.

  • Joel

    Great design very Practical 🙂

  • Manuel González

    Because you can freeze a precious moment forever.

  • King Alex

    I love photography because it allows me to express myself to the world. My camera is an extension of my body.

  • David Casteel

    Perfect for the jungle!

  • Christina Gee Noakes

    I love photography because I love photogenic people. But mostly, because I have short term memory loss, and photos help me everyday!

  • David West

    Photography is my paint brush!

  • Britney Layne Photography

    I love photography because I can bring people’s portraits to life!

  • Samantha Zellmer

    I came across a quote in this month’s National Geographic (the photo issue) that sums up why I Iove photography, and it is simple: “My job is to open people’s eyes to all the amazing things they didn’t know existed (George Steinmetz).” I love that photography has the ability to amaze, to teach, to inspire. It is truth. It is art. I am a lover of all living things, and I want to use my camera to help those in need, be it a plant, animal, or human being. But what I love most of all about photography is that it can be the voice for those that can’t speak or help themselves.

    • Jesse

      Beautiful quote by George Steinmetz! Thanks for sharing that Samantha. Love the concept of photography as a voice for those that can’t speak. Beautiful concept!

  • Stefano Bertoni

    photography is life… if you love life.. you want to share your point of view 😀

  • Benjamin Ard

    I love photography because I can show the everyone how differently I view the world.

  • Joshua Dance

    Photography freezes time. One moment preserved. Or a lots of moments put together. A timelapse changes your view, a slow mo changes your view. I love photography because we get to play with time.

  • Dan Jones

    I LOVE photography because it doesn’t just capture a moment, but it allows you to share a memory. To me, that is beautiful.

  • dancbedo

    The possibility of show new worlds to other people.

  • Olivier

    I love photography because I can document my life and keep souvenir of it for my future children.

  • Amanda Maughan Hagman

    Photography captures more than just a moment, it captures an experience. Like when your son tastes a lemon for the first time.

  • Honey Kupu

    I struggle with words so I love how photography lets my pictures speak for me.

  • Bill Burch

    To capture a moment in time as I see it, a personal, intimate, private moment and to be able to preserve it and share it with the people I love is what photography is all about.

  • Daniel Behringer

    I love this Bag!

  • Alexander Wilson

    I love photography because… the world is too fast and messy. Photography slows it all down into perfect bite-size chunks – allowing you to stop, consider the beauty of what’s in front of you, and then get on with the hustle and bustle all over again.

    • Jesse

      Alexander! Love that response!

  • Jaime Peters

    My best friend is a photographer. Her two favorite things about photography are light and texture. But what she loves about photography, is being able to capture a moment and let other people see what she saw and feel what she felt, not just see a picture of what she saw. I want to win this for her.

  • Amanda Maughan Hagman

    I love photography because it captures a moment; moments that might otherwise be lost to time. Photographs bring back the history, emotions, thoughts, smells of ordinary and extraordinary moments.

  • Abbie

    It’s a pretty pretty bag! Photography is the perfect conduit to meet people and make meaningful connections. When I take a person’s portrait, that person and I have exchanged something beyond words, and all of these exchanges help me — and I hope, them — understand the world better. Perspective.

  • Ganesh Nayak

    Looks perfectly rugged for street photography.

  • Guest

    I love photography because it enables me to see cultures and parts of the world that I couldn’t see otherwise.

  • Jessica Maughan

    I love photography because it enables me to see cultures and parts of the world that I could otherwise never experience.

  • Jesse


    Lparshley You are the potential winner of the Langly camera bag!

    Alvin Nguyen you are the potential winner of the Langly camera strap.

    Email us your snail mail address within 5 days (on or before October 16th) to claim your prize. If we don’t hear from you by then we will award someone else.

    HUGE THANK YOU to everyone who participated in this awesome giveaway. It was so cool hear ‘why you love photography.’ So many beautiful answers! Stay tuned for more great giveaways!

  • Guest

    Photography is my art. my hobby. my love!
    From the past year since now and forever, my life is all about photography because all my fave moments are captured

  • Yanina Goldstein

    My favorite thing about photography is being able to freeze in an image someones trust personality. If you spend enough time with someone during a photo-shoot their true self will come out. If you pay close attention and get the moment right you can capture it.