Last stop in Europe by Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga in Gibraltar

Gibraltar is a small British territory in the south of Spain. A city of about 30,000 inhabitants in a 6.8 square km (2.6 square mile) area means that it gets a little cramped from time to time. To clear my mind I spend a lot of time by the sea, making the most out of the great view of the entrance to the Mediterranean, Spain and Morocco. I’ve been taking photos on film and digital cameras for a number of years now and only recently got a smartphone which opened me up to the world of Instagram and “iPhoneography”. So here is a selection of photos I have taken in Gibraltar on my iPhone.

Name:Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga



Finding the interesting aspects of everyday things, the things nobody notices or cares to notice.

Tell us about Gibraltar:

A weird mix of cultures (including Spanish, English, Italian, Maltese, Portuguese, Arabic, etc.) and languages (we speak English and Spanish with our own twist) all mashed together in a really small area that has no doubt led to something unique.

A perfect day in Gibraltar?

A perfect day would be waking up to perfect weather (which isn’t rare), spending the morning having coffee and tea in the city centre, lunch by the sea and spending the evening buying supplies for a great BBQ.

What is the best thing about Gibraltar?

Like Best Coast said: “Why would you live anywhere else? We’ve got the ocean, got the babes, got the sun, we’ve got the waves”. AND, we have the only free roaming monkeys in Europe. We also have fantastic views of our bay and the Strait of Gibraltar.

What is the worst?

The worst thing might be that it can be a little crowded or a little too much if you’re not used to it.

What would be surprising about Gibraltar to an outsider?

The big Rock of Gibraltar on top of the city and the monkeys that live on it.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson, the band The Wave Pictures, the writer Albert Espinosa.


Name:Stefano Blanca Sciacaluga


Favorite place to eat:

Mamma Mia Pizzeria & Pasta House

Favorite place to drink:

Sacarello’s Coffee House

Favorite shop:

The little antique shop on Engineer Lane

Local tip:

Don’t be alarmed when people start off a sentence in English and end it in Spanish, that is normal here.

Must do:

Drive around the Rock (which should take less than half an hour), see Catalan Bay, Europa Point and its lighthouse, and then go up the Rock to see some great views. Spend time in the city centre checking out the architecture. Don’t forget to look up, it’s where all the best things are. And check out the old part of town with the small narrow streets.