Le Moulin Rouge by Matthieu Soudet in Pigalle, le Moulin Rouge, Paris, France

I live in Pigalle, a red light and also touristic district in Paris, known for its sexshops, peep shows, strip clubs and cabarets like Le Moulin Rouge, temple of the French Can-Can. People who want to experience “Paris by night” always come to Pigalle. Artists had always been interested by this quarter. Picasso, Van Gogh and Henri Toulouse-Lautrec lived here. The reputation of Pigalle was always a wild one.  But it’s changing really fast. It used to be full of prostitutes, but they’re rare now.

Name:Matthieu Soudet

Place you live: Paris

Place your photo was taken: In Pigalle, le Moulin Rouge

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Art, all kinds of art. Paint, photography, music

A perfect day? There are no perfect days in Pigalle. Only perfect nights.

If someone was visiting what must they do? You’re advised to avoid the strip clubs, where many a tourist has been ripped off, and stick to the more established venues such as the famous “Moulin Rouge” cabaret venue and the clubbing and concert spot “Le Divan du Monde”. You can also visit the Museum of Eroticism, which looks very seriously at the history of sex.

A perfect meal? I’ve never seen any people come to Pigalle just to eat, but you can have a great dinner watching the show of the French dancers in le Moulin Rouge.

A little known fact? The neighborhood’s raunchy reputation led to its World War II nickname of “Pig Alley”, as soldiers descended on the area for adult entertainment.