Lemon by Leah Fasten in Berkeley, California, USA

We moved to California from Massachusetts last year. In February 2011, I photographed new imagery of my environs each day and sent out an email sharing my findings as well as posting my daily photos at leahsfindings.com.

This is a photograph of my neighbor’s lemon tree and yard photographed about 20 minutes before sunset. My back porch faces due west and for about a half hour before sunset the light bounces off the yellow stucco of the house and creates an amazing yellow glow.

Name:Leah Fasten

Place you live: Berkeley, California, USA

Place your photos were taken: All around Berkeley

Occupation: Commercial Photographer

Preoccupation: My kids

What is a perfect day in Berkeley? Wake up early for a hike in Tilden Park at sunrise. Stop for breakfast on the way home at Guerilla Cafe or a Donut at Hopkins Street Bakery. At home I’ll work on my garden a bit and then bike to a playground for a picnic with my kids and some friends. Chances are we’ll spend the rest of the day there and then make our way home after that. When I can, I love to sit for a meditation on my porch while the sun sets.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Visit one of our Farmer’s Markets (T, Th, Sa)

What and where is a perfect meal in the place you call home? My favorite meal is to go to to Monterey Market to pick up amazing vegetables and then come home and make a huge salad for friends.

Tell us a locals only tip. On top of Albany Hill there’s a rope swing that hangs from a tree limb 50 feet in the air. When you swing on it it feels like you’re swinging out over the edge of the hill and that you’re flying.

Your favorite place in the world? Wherever I am.