Looking at the Overlooked by Samantha Jeffries in Roseworthy, Australia

These photos capture a side of Roseworthy that can’t be seen by the common eye. Using a long shutter speed on the skies and a deep focus on the fields, the things that are commonly overlooked become the focal point of the photos.

Name:Samantha Jeffries

Graphic design student.


Collecting leaves and photographing my garden with a macro focus.

Tell us about Roseworthy:

Roseworthy is a small town in South Australia about 10km north of Gawler, the next big town. With a population of just under 700 people, the main industries are agriculture and grain storage. The town has many agriculture and vet students. With large sweeping paddocks and vast rows of trees, Roseworthy makes for a beautiful area when seen through a creative eye.

A perfect day?

A perfect day in Roseworthy would be a warm day with a breeze that picks the trees up and lets them move freely. It would include a long drive and a picnic in a scenic spot where you can enjoy it all.

What is the best thing about Roseworthy?

The best thing about my spot is the gems among the farmland. It is mainly crops here, but when you find a few beautiful trees and vistas to photograph, the whole area comes to life.

What is the worst?

The summer tracks. In the wet months the tracks are often too bogged over to drive through. It heavily restricts your access to the area’s most beautiful views.

What would be surprising about Roseworthy to an outsider?

The sheer size and scale of it all. The town is small but the paddocks and farm lands go on and on.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

My favourite artist of all time is Michael Kenna. He has been my idol since school. I was shooting in Japan at the same time he was and that almost made my year. I had my fingers crossed we would photograph the same spot.

My other favourite artists would be Robert Sabuda and Matthew Reinhart who make the most beautiful pop up books.



Name:Samantha Jeffries


Favorite place to eat:

Gawler Pub

Favorite place to drink:

Kingsford Hotel

Favorite shop:

Cups’n Cakes

Local Tip:

If you go for a drive through Roseworthy’s fields don’t forget your GPS!

Must Do:

Pop down to Gawler and visit the bakery off the main street. It’s the best you’ve ever had!