Lovepoint by Hunter Savoy Jaffe in Lovepoint, Maryland, USA

“Lovepoint” was taken an hour outside of Baltimore, in Lovepoint, Maryland. A few companions of mine searched for an isolated farm land to go out and shoot a film on and ended up with this location – we all drove out later that day. This spot is eerie, reeks of dried out corn stalks, has a breeze coming in from the bay, and being that it is such an open space – it feels as if the neighbors are watching you closely from afar – ready to send their dogs out should you overstay your thin welcome. The abandoned home pictured sits on the end of a tree lined dirt road off the two lane main (and only) street. The home can be wandered into, but it is filled with banana crates and a black creature lurks in the attic.

Name:Hunter Savoy Jaffe

Place you live: Baltimore, Maryland

Place your photo was taken: Lovepoint, Maryland

Can you sum up Baltimore? Baltimore is a vomit of contrastive people living within the same few square miles. The convergence of these different backgrounds, interests, styles, and views pushes Baltimore forward in the realm of visual, musical, architectural, and communal exploration – and no one here is shy about letting you know it. Baltimore is incredibly alive with activity – there’s always an exhibition to see, a museum to visit, a show to attend, kids to catch up with, new spots to find, new projects being brewed.

Occupation: Student

Preoccupation: Drop Out

A perfect day in Baltimore? A day of piling into someones car, finding a new/old spot or trail, wandering/hiking for the majority of the day, stopping at a diner on the way home, splitting up to take naps, reconvening at a rowdy show lasting till the early morning.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Get out to Prettyboy Res., hike part of the Appalachian Trail – look up any exhibition opening, event, or show, that is more or less guaranteed to be happening at any given point.

A perfect meal in Baltimore? Iggys Pizza – B.Y.O.B.

What is the best thing about your spot? Being surrounded by freaky, powerful, intelligent, clever kids and free museums.

What is the worst? Fear Of Rat Attack.

A little known fact about where you live? A patentee of the Ouija board is buried down the road at Greenmount Cemetery – his tombstone being only that of the imagery/text on a Ouija board.

Where is your favorite place in the world? A tie between Grand Valley Colorado, Big Sur, and the Great Smokey Mountains.