Luna Lodge by Lana Wedmore in Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Global Yodel recently had the opportunity to experience the Luna Lodge in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica.

The lodge is literally at the end of the road to the amazing, 164-square-mile Corcovado National Park. National Geographic has referred to Corcovado Park as “the most biologically intense place on Earth in terms of biodiversity.” You can’t stay anywhere closer unless you are camping in the park. Visiting Luna Lodge is the ultimate jungle experience without having to give up certain creature comforts like great food, yoga classes, a beautiful pool and spa.

Here you fall asleep in beautiful open air thatched palm roof bungalows that overlook tropical rain forests. No need to set an alarm clock here; the sound of the howler monkeys echoing through the forest will signal the start of a new day. 

Luna Lodge has beautiful grounds that work with nature instead of against it. There is a gorgeously designed open air communal area where you can hang out during the day and enjoy family style breakfast and dinners. From the deck of the dining area you can see many species of monkeys, scarlet macaws and toucans. (The list goes on.) There is a waterfall on the property with a swimming hole and pool.

The opportunities for activities in the area are endless.  Expert guides will take you into Corcovado Park. In a one day hike into the park we saw dolphins, turtles, anteaters, tapirs, coati, toucans, scarlet macaws, hawks and owls. We were moments away from a puma. 

This is one of those rare and special places where you can detach from technology and get back to nature. It’s like hitting reset on life. Lana and the Luna Lodge are passionate about preservation of the Osa Peninsula and the park. Check out the White Hawk Project to learn more!

We sat down with Luna Lodge owner/operator Lana Wedmore to learn more about this special paradise off the beaten path.

Name:Lana Wedmore

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Place you live: Carate, Peninsula de Osa, Costa Rica

Can you sum up the Osa Peninsula? At Peninsula de Osa, you can fully experience all of your senses. You hear the howler monkeys, see the Scarlet macaws fly by, feel the humidity on your skin, and taste the incredible tropical fruits. It touches your heart. There is a study that says if people do not come to the Osa the first time they come to Costa Rica, they will the second time and will always come back. I  have a guest that has been to my hotel 44 times. Costa Rica has more than 5% of all of the biodiversity in the world, and the Osa has 2.5%.

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Occupation: Owner/operator at Luna Lodge

How many rooms does Luna Lodge have? 17 accommodations.

What is the property like? Luna Lodge is located high up on a mountain mesa looking out over the rain forest and the Pacific Ocean. We are surrounded by secondary forest and primary forest is five minutes away. We have three waterfalls and we border the Corcovado National Park.

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What is unique about Luna Lodge? Any view from the Luna Lodge looks out at tropical rain forest and the Pacific Ocean. The temperature is incredible, and the peace that people find here is priceless.

Tell us a little about the history of Luna Lodge: Luna Lodge was a dream and now it is a reality. We bought the property more than 20 years ago and started building the Lodge in 1998. We opened in the year 2000 with three bungalows. We now have more than eight bungalows, three hacienda rooms and six luxury tents. We are 100% hydro energy. We are certified by the CST of Costa Rica, the Certification of Sustainable Tourism, with the five leaves certification, the highest that you can be.


What is the wildlife like?  The wildlife is amazing. There is a difference here on the Osa, the animals can feel that their lives are not in danger and they are comfortable here.


What is a perfect day in the Osa Peninsula? Rising to the howler monkeys, taking a hike into the Corcovado National Park and spotting a puma, and finishing your day in the pool at Luna Lodge with a pina colada watching spider monkeys pass by.

If someone was visiting the Osa Peninsula, what must they do? Go to Corcovado and come to Luna Lodge.


What do you love about the Osa Peninsula? I love the feeling that I have when I am here. The animals are free, and the forest makes you feel calm. Any view from Luna Lodge is pleasing to the eye and gives you a special feeling inside.

What do you dislike about the Osa Peninsula? What might happen to it if it gets into the wrong hands.


What is a little known fact about the Osa Peninsula? 2.5% of all of all the biodiversity in the world is here on the Osa.


Name:Lana Wedmore

City:Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica

Best local cuisine?

Fried fish

Best local drinks?

Luna Lodge’s pina colada. They say they are the best from Alaska to Patagonia.

Local tip?

Always look down before you look up at a monkey because you might be standing on an ant pile.

Best daytime activity?


Best nighttime activity?

Looking up at the stars.