#Maddie by Theron Humphrey

We’ve been following photographer Theron Humphrey since around August 2011 when he launched his This Wild Idea project. It’s been amazing to watch his Instagram account grow over the last few years. He strikes a perfect balance between technical perfection and fun. Theron’s feed brings us and many thousands of others weekly inspiration, regular smiles, and all around happiness. Be sure to follow Theron (and Maddie the Coonhound) here @thiswildidea – guaranteed to brighten your days!

Name:Theron Humphrey

Do you live anywhere? I haven’t hung my hat anywhere in a few years but recently I rented a studio in Atlanta for six months.

How long have you been traveling? Getting onto 4 years now.

What are your top three restaurants in America? Mas Tacos (Nashville), Fetta Sau (Brooklyn), De La Paz Coffee (SF)

What is the craziest thing that has happened to you on the road? I had the pleasure of meeting Gino up in Seattle. He was this wonderful man who fled Nazi Germany as a boy because he was gay. Such a good tale.

How long have you been using Instagram? Three years come this summer.

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both? Started out shooting with my iPhone only like everyone else. In the early days of Instagram you couldn’t upload an image from your camera roll and the app was iPhone only… not that it made it any better, ya know? But it was an interesting time because you knew everyone had either iPhone 3G or 4. But cameras are just tools and I always say folks should use the hammer they like best.

What is your editing process? Real simple these days. I’ll make an image level or correct the perspective a bit, adjust exposure and use a slight VSCO filter….around 4 or 5 (on a scale of 12)

We have heard you tell working photographers to ‘never give your work away for free.’ Tell us about that, and also how you see mobile photography changing the professional photography space in the future. I see the best brands out there being passionate about enabling great image makers to tell the stories they love and still remain relevant to their vision. The mobile platform is a brave new world, a bit uncharted, but it’s also such a solid deal for brands and photogs. The dream is to get paid to use your camera right? The best thing we can do is support one another and celebrate when it all comes together.

Has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? For sure, for better and worse. A negative effect of Instagram is it makes you focus too much on a hero shot, or the epic capture. But photography tells the best story over a series of images….well, the sort of photography I love most.

Can you give a couple of tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Point your camera at what you love, regardless of whether anyone is lookin’ at what you’re creating or not.

Who are three of your favorite Instagrammers? @cschoonover @fosterhunting @brockdavis

Any exciting new projects you can tell us about? Not yet! But I’m getting stirred up for something good.

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