Many Moons Over Ashcroft by Alana Paterson in Ashcroft, BC, Canada

This is a photo of some of the lovely flora and fauna you can see around the B.C. landscape. Haha

Name:Alana Paterson

Occupation: Freelance photographer/ Farm director

Preoccupation: Oh you know… Almost everything. The birds and the bees (literally), boats, boards, braids, bbq’s, boys, bottles, beaches, babes, badminton, beer, barns, books…. that just the “b’s”

Place you live: Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Place your photo was taken: Ashcroft, British Columbia, Canada

Can you sum up your spot? The Pacific Northwest is a Green Emerald that’s yours for the taking with just a little effort and some good rain gear.

A perfect day in the Vancouver area? A trek/exploration out of the city with a camp fire dinner, a sunset, dogs, friends, beers, boards, boats, beaches ….again with the “b’s”

What is the best thing about your spot? The natural splendour and the rad people you get to share it with on a regular basis.

What is the worst? Such a boring answer but the rain can be a real downer sometimes but if you’re from here you just get to understand that there’s no bad days when you have good clothes.

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider? Hm, Probably how warm it is in the Winter even though we are in Canada. And maybe how big of a city Vancouver has become. That surprises me even sometimes.

Before I die I want to visit: A whole lot of places but right now I’m interested in The Ukraine, Russia, Turkey and Northern Japan.

Who are three of your favorite artists? I really like the photo work of Bryan Shutmatt, Nich Hance Mcelroy and Quentin De Briey


Name:Alana Paterson


Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

It closed, it was called The Side Bar : (

Favorite shop:

Antisocial Skate Shop

Local Tip:

Cook on the beach

Must Do:

Go hiking, Climb and mountain.