Mesmerized by Helena Olsson in Visby, Gotland Island, Sweden

The photo was taken an early morning not far from my home and studio. I looked out the window and had to go out. The light and the colors had me mesmerised. I ran out with my camera and was able to catch the moment.  The mist/golden autumn colors were shot late autumn/early winter on the island Gotland, south of Visby. This country road, secluded from traffic is one of the reasons why I love this area.

Name:Helena Olsson

Writer/Poet and photographer


Writer/Poet and photographer, sometimes branding and advertising.

Tell us about the place you live:

The house and studio is for me the perfect spot on the Gotland Island map. Beautiful, secluded but still not too far to Visby town.

A perfect day?

Days just like this one, when I get out into the fresh air and sun, and come home with a smile and photos like this.

What is the best thing about Visby?

The timelessness, the sun, open sky, fresh air … the dome of stars at night

What is the worst?

When it gets dark for too long, usually in November.

What would be surprising about Visby to an outsider?

The absence of tourists/people.

If Visby was a person or character who would it be?


Who are three of your favorite artists?

The Knife (music), Whyred (clothes), Bruno K. Öijer (poet)


Name:Helena Olsson


Favorite place to eat:

Bakfickan, Visby

Favorite place to drink:

Lilla Bjers

Favorite shop:

H10 Market

Local Tip:

Lilla Bjers, organic food store and White Guide café/restaurant

Must Do:

See Lilla Bjers, and visit the beach no matter what time of the year.