Middle of Nowhere by Martin Petersen in Odense, Denmark

I have lived in this part of town for the last ten years, and from all parts of my neighbourhood you can see the power-plant. This photo was taken a fifteen minute drive from where I live, near the local shipyard that closed down a couple years ago and left many people unemployed. Behind the shipyard you find two dead end roads from where you can see all the enormous machinery at the shipyard, the power plant, and the local public houses as a backdrop for the fields that surrounds you out there. You are just fifteen minutes from the third largest city in Denmark, and still you feel like standing in the middle of nowhere. To me both the power-plant and the shipyard are important landmarks that have somehow become important parts or my story in this city.

Name:Martin Petersen

Place you live: Odense, Denmark

Place your photo was taken: Dræby Fed, Denmark

Can you sum up Odense? A city within the city.

Occupation: Currently unemployed

Preoccupation: Beer blogging and record playing.

A perfect day in Odense? Flea market at the harbour, or taking the car and going for a drive in the catchment area of Odense.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Drink a beer at Christian Firtal and visit Brandts to see a photo exhibition.

A perfect meal? The Indian restaurant up the road is always a favourite.

What is the best thing about your spot? I like living in a large city where I’m still close to nature. The number of opportunities in Odense is adequate, you have choices, but not too many.

What is the worst? Odense was the birthplace of fairy tale writer Hans Christian Andersen, for some reason the officials feel that this has to define our city.

A little known fact about where you live? Hans Christian Andersen left town when he was fourteen.

Where is your favorite place in the world? In the car seat on a foggy day with no place that I need to be.

Who are your three favorite photographers? Per Bak JensenNicolai Howalt and Sune Jonsson.