#mini by Joe Earley in Rochester, United Kingdom

Using Instagram as a creative outlet for documentation, Joe Earley shows us the subtle beauty of a very cozy Rochester, UK.  Using his blue Mini as a subject for many of his Instagrams, he creates impressive well thought out images to share with the world.  Be sure to check out his feed and follow him here @gingerjoe.

Name:Joe Earley

Place you live: I live in the City of Rochester with in Kent, UK.

Place your Instagrams were taken: These Instagrams were taken in Rochester, Upnor, Isle of Sheppey, Strood, Higham and Gillingham, all within about 10/15 mins from my house.

Can you sum up Rochester? Personally I love Rochester, Iv’e lived here my whole life, its nice in the summer, close travel to london, its historical, feels safe and met a special girl here.

For the visitor? From a tourist point of view, I’d chill down Rochester high street, check out the antique shops, take a peak at the castle and cathedral, get ice cream in the castle gardens, walk up St. Margarets street and look at the beautiful houses, its not everybody’s cup of tea here, but its easy living.

Best meal in the city? Dragon Inn, all you can eat Chinese or Lime House Thai Restaurant, raddest Coconut rice!

How long have you been using Instagram? Over 2 years now, only app that has never been deleted of my phone.

What phone camera do you use to shoot? Started out on the iphone 4, now I’m rocking the 5!

What is your editing process? What apps do you use?  When I first started using Instagram I was taking the photos straight off the app and using rise filter. Now I just photograph through normal camera and edit in an app called afterlight, only photo app I use and highly recommend!  My process is usually straightening the image so horizons are straight, then add the Russ filter like most people do these days, sharpen a tiny bit and chuck in some contrast for good luck!

Do you create images outside of Instagram?  Yes I study photography contemporary practice at the university of creative arts in Rochester. 2013/14 I will be in my third year. Admittedly my phone has stolen me away from my real camera in a huge way!  I enjoy documenting my life and my phone is just a brilliant way of doing it. I blog as well and do shoot on my real camera when I go on a proper trip, but if i’m just popping out for a chill day I will use my phone. Yes my feed differs a lot from my actual work, my other work is more based around narrative and story, where as my Instagram is more of a documentary of what i’m up too, as I feel thats what it was created for. But I try to make the images a little bit more controlled and more visually pleasing while still thinking of what photographs go next to each other when looking at the feed from the profile view, I still feel sequencing is quite important in any form of presenting images.

Who are your three favorite instagrammers?  @beatricegraceking, @cramepete, @alexstrohl