Misty Morning by David Shama in Lausanne, Switzerland

This photo was taken 30km from Lausanne in the hills behind the famous city of Montreux. I took this picture the night after Axel’s bachelor party, a friend that is like my brother. After a amazing party night in a cabin we rented with friends, this is the misty morning that perfectly reflects my state of mind of that morning.
Name:David Shama

Place you live: Paris

Can you sum up the place you live ?: I live in Paris but I decided to give you a picture of where I am from in Switzerland, the city where I am from is a small student city capital of the Canton de Vaud, a very nice city to be a student in with the Lake “Leman” that is one of the most beautiful I know.

Tell us how your photos relate to the place you live and the story behind them: I guess my love of nature and the outdoors must come from my country of origin where you are never far from a river or a forest.

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Doing the best pictures possible

A perfect day? When I go back to Lausanne, the best thing is to see all my old friends and go for a cold beer and BBQ by the lake

What is the best thing about your spot? It’s this misty morning where everything stood still that was followed by the best breakfast ever with all my best friends

What is the worst? The hangover we were all experiencing

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider? The fact that it’s so close to Montreux and yet so remote

A place you want to visit before you die? Anywhere in space

Who are your favorite photographers right now? Stephen Shore, Alex Prager



Name:David Shama


Best place to eat?

Café de la Poste in Lutry, Switzerland

Best place to drink?

I like the new terrace called “L’étoile blanche” in Lausanne, Switzerland


Best place to shop?

The Chocolate shop called “Blondel” that sells organic chocolate that they bake with a hammer for you.

Local Tip?

Invite friends home so not to get depressed on Sundays that are particularly dead in Lausanne.

If someone was visiting what must they do?

Come in the summer and go to Lutry Plage to and out and eat BBQ at the little restaurant there