#mnml by Aaron Shaffer in Austin, Texas

Aaron Shaffer is a minimalist graphic designer living and creating in Austin, Texas.  Lucky for us, he applies his design philosophy to the feed of images he shares through Instagram.  Photographing the architecture of downtown Austin on the go, he creates images so surreal and minimal that it is easy to forget people actually inhabit these structures.  Follow his feed here @toursyndrome

Name:Aaron Shaffer

Place you live: Austin, Texas

Sum Up Austin: It’s one of the fastest growing city in the US.

For the visitor? Austin has the largest collection of urban bats, when the sun starts to set the are everywhere. It is a must if youre visiting to check out the largest colony located under the Congress Bridge.

Best meal in the city? There is an awesome Taqueria just down the street from my place, Taquerias Arandinas #2.

How long have you been using Instagram? Around 2 years now

What phone camera do you use to shoot? iPhone 4s, iOS 7

Editing process?/What apps do you use, if any to edit your photos? I take all my photos on the fly while driving through the heart of downtown. My edit process tends to be only the filters Instagram provides, layered together. Ocassionally I will use an outstanding App called Mextures. (located in the App Store)

Do you create images outside of instagram? Instagram is my outlet for photography. I create graphics outside of that.

If so, has instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? Before Instagram I focused on minimal graphic design, that thought process transfers over into my Instagram feed. That feed has in-turn influenced my design work further.

Who are your three favorite instagrammers?

@dschwen – has a great minimalist feed

@billylloydesign – is an excellent minimalist potter from the UK

@tom_doling – is one artist that I take influence from with his work of textures in his feed