Mother Of Russia by Sasha Kurmaz in Kiev, Ukraine

Ukraine is a post-Soviet country. In this photo you see a monument, a symbol of Kiev. In the foreground a girl is undressing, this is very symbolic. In Europe, the Ukraine has a reputation of being a country with a rampant sex-industry. Many foreigners come here just to fuck Ukrainian girls. This fact has become integral part of the image of my country.

Name:Sasha Kurmaz

Place you live: Kiev, Ukraine

Place your photo was taken: Kiev, in part of the city center

Occupation: Photography, graffiti, graphic design

A perfect day? The perfect day is when you walk down the street and someone smiling for you at the meeting.

If someone was visiting what must they do? When you come to Kiev, you just need to relax and enjoy life. See the monuments of Soviet architecture, a lot of beautiful girls, buy a real Chanel in a “second hand shop”, there is a lot of cheep  alcohol, disco until dawn, check out all the shitty ads and there is much more you can only see here.

A perfect meal in Kiev? I will show you the underground catacombs from the time of the second world war in the city center. And we’ll have a picnic there by candlelight.

 A little known fact? This is the biggest country in Europe. Very poor but beautiful. Kiev is the mother of Russian cities.