Mr. Frosty by Will Milne in Denton, TX

This is Mr. Frosty on Ft. Worth Drive in Denton, TX. It’s been open since 1954 and serves as a snapshot of what Denton was like in the 1950s. The homemade root beer, milkshakes, and old school drive-in ambiance make it worth a visit!

Name:Will Milne

Photographer and photography educator.


I drum, play tennis, and blog for

Tell us about Denton:

Denton, TX is the best small town in America. Everybody here buys in and goes all out. You’ve never seen more people at a city event. And the music…oh, the music in Denton!

A perfect day?

It takes place on a day when there’s an event on the beautiful Denton square and all the streets are shut down. We’ll eat at Hypnotic Donuts, take a hike around the Greenbelt, eat dinner at Keiichi, and then listen to some live music.

What is the best thing about Denton?

The people who are actively trying to make things happen in Denton, and succeeding at it!

What is the worst?

Oftentimes, Denton’s awesomeness can’t be represented through photography.

What would be surprising about Denton to an outsider?

While it might seem like there’s not much to do in Denton, we get down on the reg.

If Denton was a person or character who would it be?

Roky Erickson

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Jim Jarmusch, Nick Cave, Chuck Klosterman


Name:Will Milne


Favorite place to eat:


Favorite place to drink:

Paschall Bar

Favorite shop:

The DIME Store

Local Tip:

Get lost in the shelves of Recycled Books.

Must Do:

Go to Recycled Books, catch some live music at Dan’s Silverleaf, and eat at Keiichi.