Murder and Slurpee Capitol by Maya de Forest in South Osborne, Fort Rouge, Manitoba

This photo kind of sums up Winnipeg to me; big sky, the Marigold, midwest light and perpetually waiting for the bus.

Name:Maya de Forest

Place you live: Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada

Place your photo was taken: South Osborne, Fort Rouge

Can you sum up Winnipeg? Winnipeg is a small mid west city literally in the middle of Canada with an enormous history. Most Canadians (who have never been here) joke dismissively about Winnipeg because of it’s brutally cold winters and it being in the middle of nowhere, but all Winnipeggers know what a gem it is. It has a hugely supported arts scene and a uniquely diverse population (one of the largest Aboriginal , Ukrainian, Icelandic and Filipino populations) and because prairie folk are so resourceful, they’ve managed to keep a lot of their old buildings and houses around. We’re also known for our windchill factor during the winter (it can go down to -45 c) and for being chatty with strangers on elevators.

Occupation: in between

Preoccupation: clouds, cooking, indesign, my cat

A perfect day in Winnipeg? A sunny breezy day in the middle of summer lying with bare feet under a tree on the river bank eating a BDI Goog special (blueberry milkshake with a hot fudge sunday on top) with a thunder storm rolling in.

If someone was visiting, what must they do?  Winter: Walk anywhere at night when there’s no wind and it’s snowing.  Summer: Invite yourself along if  somebody is “going to the lake”. Hot spots: Museum of Man and Nature, any show at the Burton Cummings Theatre (100 yr old vaudeville theatre), the Exchange District (30 block district of turn of the 20th century buildings) and the Dairi Wip Drive-In.

A perfect meal in Winnipeg? the buffet at the East India Company.

What is the best thing about your spot? The elm trees and the Red and Assiniboine rivers running through the city.

What is the worst? The death of Portage Ave and the new airport.

A little known fact about where you live? Winnipeg is both the murder and slurpee capital of Canada.

Where is your favorite place in the world? The Bay Area.