My Favorite Place by Mallory Lucille Rose in San Francisco

San Francisco is my favorite place. Every foggy evening, vista view, bridge, landmark, and coffee shop is top notch. But what really excites me is the minimal mundane treats, this city is full of them: colorful buildings, comical graffiti, decorations, and dogs. It’s a small but substantial communication between our neighborhood and friends and strangers.

Name:Mallory Lucille Rose

Studio director and curator.


Studio art work – drawing, illustration, and mixed media textile. Extreme coffee intake.

Tell us about the place you live:

“There’s a light in you and it makes me never fear the darkness in me.” This city is bright, creative, and compassionate. How beautiful it is to feel at home among 800,000+ strangers. My favorite thing about San Francisco is that everyone who lives in San Francisco LOVES San Francisco.

A perfect day?

It starts with an early morning coffee. There’s sunshine with a light breeze. I take a walk around the neighborhood (mine or a new one). I also really love ice cream, it’s even better when TCB delivers Three Twins right to me. (THAT’S the San Francisco treat!)

What is the best thing about San Francisco?

San Francisco has endless options! My motto is “one day at a time”, sometimes one moment at a time. Therefore, I’m constantly changing my mind and this city is always filling in the gaps. What to eat, where to adventure, how to spend my afternoon; I have all the opportunities I could ever desire!

What is the worst?

Gentrification seems like the appropriate answer, but I’m going to settle for bumpy roads. They make me nervous.

What would be surprising about San Francisco to an outsider?

You’re not going to find the gems of San Francisco in a guide book or on a huge sightseeing bus charging through the streets. I’m willing to bet Fisherman’s Wharf does not have the best chowder in the city, and I don’t highly recommend hanging out around Market St. and Union Square. Take the time to find the unique treats this city has to offer. Walk through the parks for a picnic, get yourself some Mitchell’s Ice Cream in the mission, or tacos at Papito on Potrero Hill!

If San Francisco was a person or character who would it be?

Squints, from “The Sandlot”.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

That’s difficult. I’d like to claim the opportunity to always change my mind! Art is an emotional experience, picking any specific artist can change by the minute.
Okay, for the most part, I’m a sucker for anything romantic and bright. I’ve been listening to Peach Kelli PopJoan Baez, and a lot of Mountain Man. Visually, I’ve been looking into more textile, mixed media, and weaving projects; but I’ll always find myself drawing and snapping photos. Contemporary artists I admire are Laura OwensDavid Hockney, and John Baldessari. Historically, I’m a huge Jean Auguste Dominique Ingres and Euan Uglow enthusiast.


Name:Mallory Lucille Rose

City:San Francisco

Favorite place to eat:

It’s a toss up: Papito (French-Mexican) on Potrero Hill and Pakwan (Indian) in the Mission.

Favorite place to drink:

As a nearly full-blooded Portuguese, my favorite cafe would be St. Jorge (named after an island in the Azores). It’s located in the Mission. Andrea (the owner, who is of course Portuguese) is a doll! The coffee is great and the treats are authentic.

Favorite shop:

Little Paper Planes on Valencia in the Mission! I’m also a sucker for the Japanese dollar store, Daiso, in Japantown.

Local Tip:

Don’t take an Uber, WALK!

Must Do:

Bring a jacket (regardless of what your weather app says), keep your head up, look around and enjoy yourself!