Never Smile in Public by Ivars Gravlejs in Riga, Latvia

Spring in Riga

Name:Ivars Gravlejs

Place you live: Riga, Latvia

Place your photo was taken: Riga – in the city center, next to the National Theater.

Occupation: Artist, teacher, installation worker

Preoccupation: Thinking

A perfect day in Riga? A day with a lot of sun, sun, sun!

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Be careful.

A perfect meal in Latvia? “Cold beet soup” – beets, cucumbers, kefir, eggs, radish chives, dill and parsley, mustard, lemon pepper, salt.

A locals only tip: Never smile in public, people will think that you are crazy.

A little known fact about where you live? 50% of the inhabitants are aliens.

Your favorite place in the world? The place doesn’t matter, it’s all about people.