Norfolk, Virginia Travel Guide

We sent Yodeler Liza Herlands to Hilton Norfolk The Main to experience all this vibrant Virginia city has to offer and to take some beautiful photos. Hilton Norfolk The Main sits on the corner of Main and Granby streets, in downtown Norfolk, and is situated within walking distance of more than 50 restaurants and the beautiful Elizabeth River. Charming Norfolk is filled with exceptional food, museums, gardens and activities. But don’t take our word for it, explore Norfolk through Liza’s beautiful photography and insightful travel tips.

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Name: Liza Herlands

Occupation? Account Coordinator in Travel PR

Can you sum up Norfolk? Norfolk is a quaint and quiet city with an interesting overlap of new and old. A large creative scene is just starting to explode. There is an up and coming food culture as well.

What is the best thing about Norfolk? The quiet city vibe mixed with classic Virginian homes.

What does a perfect day entail in Norfolk? Waking up late, heading out to get some coffee, exploring a museum and walking along the water. Taking advantage of all the old and new sights, shops and food. If weather permits I recommend exploring by foot!

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What are the people like in Norfolk? The people in Norfolk are very kind, talkative and welcoming.

If Norfolk was a person who would it be? Any character from Gilmore Girls – the city has that small town charm with some spunk.

Tell us about your experience at Hilton Norfolk The Main: I love traveling, but when I stay at hotels on my own, I sometimes feel quite lonely. My experience at Hilton Norfolk The Main couldn’t have been any different – the hotel is in the heart of downtown, steps from countless restaurants, the hangout spots on Granby Street and of course the Elizabeth River trail. Within the hotel, the rooms all have remarkable views (not to mention incredibly comfortable beds) and there is so much to see and do that you could spend an entire day inside and not realize it.

What did you love about Hilton Norfolk The Main?  It was clear that the decor in the restaurant, hallways, lobby and throughout the hotel was hand selected with a vision in mind, and I came to learn that the hotel itself houses more than $1 million dollars of permanent, unique art sourced everywhere from Burning Man and Art Basel to local Virginia artists. The hotel has everything you could want and includes a lot of fun and creative touches. There is a speakeasy dining area behind the bookshelf and wine bar. The hotel experience is authentic. You can enjoy pasta hanging to dry, the shucking of your oysters right before your eyes and 100 local beers on tap. The hotel team members make you feel like your dining options are limitless.

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If a friend was visiting Norfolk what would you suggest they do? Start with breakfast at the hotel’s Varia or Fruitive then head straight to Cure Coffee and get one of their signature lattes. Make your way to the Chrysler Museum of Art and listen to the talented piano player while you look around. Take a leisurely stroll to Toast or Handsome Biscuit. Make sure you get to Handsome Biscuit early for lunch because it closes at 2! Next go to O’Connor Brewing Company for local drinks and hang out outside. Make your way back to the hotel for dinner at Saltine. On your route home walk through the NEON District. If you want a nightcap grab a drink at Grain and sit on the outdoor patio that overlooks the water. Check if there’s a show at Granby Theater, or relax in the pool to top off your evening.





Norfolk, Virginia

Best place to eat:

Handsome Biscuit or Varia

Best place to drink:

Any of the local Breweries

Best place to shop:

All along Granby Street

Best outdoor activity:

Take a stroll along the beautiful Elizabeth River or check out the Norfolk Botanical Gardens

Best indoor activity:

Chrysler Museum of Art

Best place to stay:

Hilton Norfolk The Main