Not Having It by David Aaron Troy in Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA

My nephew plays football,  and this little girl I was watching from a distance was laying down along with what I would assume was her sister, lazily enjoying the day.  By watching them for a bit I knew if I were to get in their space something great could come of it (from a picture perspective) So, I walked over, plopped down in front of her, the sister freaks, sits up and turns away – the other, put those eyes on me with no compromise. In a lot of ways this photo reflects the nature of most of the people from the area I am from – they don’t take kind to being bull shitted, and this little girl definitely wasn’t havin’ it!

Name:David Aaron Troy

Place you live: Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, USA

Taken In: Hanover, Pennsylvania, USA

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Boats

Perfect day: Everyday with my baby girl

For the visitor? Eat at the Famous Hot Wiener 

Little know fact about Gettysburg: A large civil war battle was fought here 148 years ago