On stage in Toronto, On Tour With Quiet Life by Sean W Spellman in Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Every night I try to get a few good photos of the other bands we are on tour with. In this case, The Head and The Heart had a really neutral lighting rig that cast a lot of cool shadows. Night after night, this was my view from the side of the stage.

Name:Sean W Spellman


Do you know how many different cities you have visited on tour? Hmm. That’s a great question. I’d like to know the exact number myself but I can safely assume it’s over 100. You know, most major cities in each state as well as the larger college towns. And that’s just the towns we played in, not the ones we stopped at for fuel or bacon and eggs.

What are your three favorite cities to visit? And to play in? My top 5 favorite cites in America are as follows, in no particular order… New York City, New Orleans, San Francisco, Austin, and Portland. There are also a bunch of smaller towns I love… Big Sur, San Luis Obispo, Asbury Park, Asheville, Westerly, RI.

What is the craziest thing that has ever happened to Quiet Life while on the road? While we were onstage at Cain’s Ballroom in Tulsa, Oklahoma a few years back there was an earthquake. It was small, but a quake nonetheless. Pretty cool.

Describe a typical week on the road for Quiet Life. Our typical week on tour involves lots of driving, late nights, and loading and unloading of gear.  We get to meet new people and make new friends every night, and usually discover new things we enjoy in each city.

If you have one piece of advice for an aspiring musician or photographer what would it be? Don’t stop.

What are your three favorite restaurants? Well, that is constantly changing but currently my three favorites are Minca in New York City for ramen, Glasserie in Brooklyn, and La Super Rica in Santa Barbara. Oh, there’s also The Oyster Club in Mystic, CT but that’s because it’s near where I was born and has $1 oysters from nearby and the best chowder I’ve ever had. Oh shoot, and The Market in Gloucester, MA too.

What city has the best crowd? Raleigh, NC did on our last tour.  Total craziness.

What city parties the hardest? Man, people party just as hard in Fairbanks, Alaska as they do in Hollywood…only with less sunshine and cheaper drinks.

Who are your three favorite bands? Right now I’m listening to Cotton Jones, Dr. Dog, and this new record by a guy named Kevin Morby.

Who is your favorite artist? Evan ApRoberts for surfing and making things.