Phil’s Place by Dom Wilson in Sandholm, East Yorkshire, England

Phil’s Place – These photos are part of a larger series documenting the lifestyle and surroundings of my 89-year-old Great Uncle ‘Phil’. The project took the form of a book. I took the photographs over a 6 week period, luckily for me he paid very little attention to the camera during the whole process.

Name:Dom Wilson

Place you live: London, England

Place your photo was taken: Sandholm, East Yorkshire, England

Can you sum up Sandholm? A typical sleepy little English village, remote, ‘off the beaten track’ rural, very flat, very green, agricultural land.

Occupation: Graphic Designer / Art Director

Preoccupation: Street Photography, Natural History

A perfect meal? Anything, as long as its pizza

What is the best thing about Sandholm? Its remoteness

What is the worst? Its remoteness