Pier by Tamsin Love in Clevedon

Clevedon Pier has been around a long time. It was built during the Victorian Era when seaside towns started to become popular destinations. Over the years Clevedon has seen many visitors, specifically for the pier. The pier used to be too damaged to walk on, but it’s since been restored. Not only is it a lovely attraction for tourists, it is somewhere locals visit time and time again. The small town of Clevedon has also gained a bit of attention recently, as scenes from the film Never Let Me Go featuring Keira Knightley, and scenes from the television series Broadchurch were filmed here, as well as a One Direction music video recorded on the pier. Clevedon still retains a lot of Victorian architecture, a fully working cinema that opened days after the Titanic sunk, and some of the best sunsets in the world!

Name:Tamsin Love



Making a career out of creating artwork.

Tell us about Clevedon:

A fairly quiet seaside town that’s recently become a desired filming and production location. There are lots of places to eat, nearly an equal ratio of pubs to schools, and you can easily find hidden wildlife if you know where to look.

A perfect day?

Clevedon is known for a few things: high tides, high death rates (because a lot of the elderly come here to retire), and beautiful sunsets. So a perfect day would be visiting some of the little boutique shops up at the ‘top’ of Clevedon, sitting on the jetty on the beach next to Clevedon Pier, and watching the tide come in while a beautiful sunset fills the sky.

What is the best thing about Clevedon?

That every time you visit it never looks quite the same!

What is the worst?

As already mentioned, Clevedon gets very high tides. So on a day with a lot of wind and a high tide it can be very difficult to get close to the Pier without getting soaked or swept away. Sometimes the Pier has to close if the water’s too high.

What would be surprising about Clevedon to an outsider?

The roundabout systems on the roads. If you’re not from the local area it can be quite confusing to know which lane to get in as Clevedon’s lanes follow a slightly different pattern.

If Clevedon was a person or character who would it be?

A Victorian character, of course, to match the architecture of the town.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

I think Wes Anderson films are great because they’re so quirky and well thought out. As I specialize in traditional drawing, I find artwork by Egon Schiele very interesting. Katerina Plotnikova is probably one of my favorite photographers. Her work has an almost fairytale look about it.




Name:Tamsin Love

City:Clevedon, England

Favorite place to eat:

Scoozi Ristorante. I can’t say I’ve eaten there but I hear good things about the food and if you walk past in the evening it looks very pretty with all its hanging lights.

Favorite place to drink:

Arnett’s Cosy Kitchen Cafe. They have yummy coffee cake. You’ll have to take some home.

Favorite shop:

19 Alexandra Road. It’s described as “an artisan interiors emporium” and they specialize in upcycling. I really like looking at some of the unusual retro things they have in the store.

Local Tip:

The local fish bar, Clevedon Fish Bar, makes all of their chips fresh. On Tuesdays they have a special gluten free day.

Must Do:

Obviously visit the pier and watch a sunset, weather permitting. Visit the local cinema, the Curzon, to catch a film and if you’re lucky you might even get to hear the organ player who plays there periodically!