Place d’Arme by Joël Tettamanti in Bure, Jura Region, Switzerland

These photos are difficult to explain in a few words. I made these images in 2008.

It relates a lot to our culture, but a culture that is more linked to the cold war times. Now this culture is fading away, but there are still many remains like this “Place d’Arme”.

I was fascinated how the army has put so much energy to make it look good and a kind of real.

Name:Joël Tettamanti

Place you live: Lausanne, Switzerland

Place your photos were taken: In the Jura, it’s a small village called Bure and that allowed the Swiss army to build a training center.

Can you sum up the Jura region of Switzerland? The Jura is a very remote region in Switzerland but where many people have their own villa and at least one to two cars per family.

Occupation: Photographer

Preoccupation: Many things. Architecture, landscapes, people, globalization, identities, climate, cultures, typologies…

Where is your favorite place in the world? Many places and none