Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Travel Guide

We sent Yodeler Siffat Haider to Planet Hollywood Las Vegas Resort and Casino for a special girls weekend with her friend Liza Herlands to create a Planet Hollywood Travel Guide. Each of Planet Hollywood’s all-new rooms give off a contemporary feel with edgy artwork and modern furnishings that are a perfect fit to go alongside their robust entertainment lineup at the Zappos Theater. Dine like a movie star and look out for your favorite celebrities at eclectic food options like Koi and Strip House or the celebrity-owned Gordon Ramsay Burger. Planet Hollywood offers an exciting array of top restaurants in Las Vegas, each with its own unique and glamorous atmosphere. Siffat created an incredible travel guide full of beautiful photos, secrets and destination tips just for you.

Name? Siffat Haider

Occupation? Content Creator

Preoccupation? All things design

Place you live? Toronto

How long have you lived there? 15 years

Can you sum up Vegas in a paragraph? Vegas is what you’d imagine it to be: larger than life. The appeal lies in the fact that you can have an over the top experience at a fairly reasonable price. The hotels are very glamorous and priced lower than most places. The food scene is spectacular – every big celebrity chef has a restaurant here. And if you’re outdoorsy, then a short drive outside the city will get you to some great hiking spots.

What is the best thing about Vegas? The food scene is great! No matter what kind of cuisine you fancy, you’ll find some unforgettable dining experiences here. People don’t usually come here for the food, and that’s maybe Vegas’ best-kept secret.

What is a common misperception about Vegas? That it’s only good for gamblers and drinkers. I don’t do either, and I had a spectacular time eating at different restaurants. There are so many amazing concerts in Vegas on any given night.

What are the people like in Vegas? Really friendly from my experience! Everyone is here to have a good time.

If Vegas was a person or character, who would it be? Scott Disick

What did you love about Planet Hollywood Las Vegas? There are so many great things about Planet Hollywood. First and foremost, the location is unbeatable. It’s a short walk away from everything! If you enjoy shopping, you are five minutes to walk to all the luxury shops. If you’re more of a foodie, then you’ll be very excited to learn that the top restaurants in the city surround it. The hotel is also home to Gordon Ramsay Burger, which is a delicious option in and of itself. While visiting Vegas, I highly recommend going to watch a concert, and the Zappos Theater is conveniently attached to Planet Hollywood. It’s truly located in the hub of the city.

The amenities at the hotel are endless. If you like to gamble, then this is the place for you. The casino is so expansive that it felt like a maze! As a coffee lover, I really appreciated the fact that there were two Starbucks located within the hotel. The pool area at the hotel is also pretty incredible – it even has a surf area!

Overall, a stay at Planet Hollywood is an absolute must.

What stood out about Planet Hollywood Las Vegas? The rooms are impeccable. I highly recommend a stay at the Panoramic Suite, which offers the most incredible view of the city. It’s as quintessentially ‘Vegas’ as it gets! You have a direct view of the Eiffel Tower and the Fountains, and the mountains on the other side. It’s the perfect place to watch the sunrise.

As I mentioned, I also loved the fact that I was a short walk from everything the city has to offer. It’s only a short drive away from the airport, which makes it extremely accessible.

Tell us about the activities you participated in during your visit: I’m a huge foodie, so of course, I had to start my trip off with a great meal! I went to Smooth Eats for a superfood toast, which was delicious. Then, I went to my favorite place in the world, Pressed Juicery, for a pressed freeze! It’s like a healthy ice cream – dairy-free, gluten-free, and refined sugar-free. I knew the rest of the trip would be pretty decadent, so I wanted to start it off on the right foot.

Afterward, once my friend Liza arrived, our girls trip began! The first order of business was getting ready for some great music. We spent a good 20 minutes ooh-ing and aah-ing over the view from our Panoramic Suite. Once we were set we headed to the famous Vegas sign for some pictures. Then we took an Uber to Carson Kitchen, a restaurant that had been high on the list of Vegas recommendations. The food here was phenomenal – they had the best Mac & Cheese I’ve ever tasted!

We then returned back to the hotel and slipped into a food coma induced slumber. We woke up early the next morning and explored the Vegas Strip. After walking around for a bit, we enjoyed a decadent room service breakfast in our gorgeous hotel room. I highly recommend the Napa Protein Plus breakfast. The chicken and apple sausage was delicious!

It was then time to do some more exploring in order to burn off our breakfast before lunch! We walked down the strip to check out the High Roller and stopped for a Sprinkes cupcake on the way there. Around 2pm we returned back to the hotel to enjoy lunch at Gordon Ramsay Burger. I ordered the Hell’s Kitchen Burger, truffle parmesan fries, and ahi tuna sliders – each and every single bite was outstanding.

We were quite tired after lunch, so we decided to spend some time in our room before the much-anticipated Backstreet Boys concert that evening! Being ‘90s kids, Liza and I are both huge BSB fans, so we wanted to make sure we were well rested to dance the night away. What I loved was the fact that the Zappos Theater was literally connected to our hotel! We walked to the end of the casino, collected our tickets, and went to the concert – so easy!

The concert itself was unforgettable. It was all my childhood dreams come true, and then some. They played all our favorite songs, and the environment was just so fun and upbeat. If you haven’t seen the Backstreet Boys live, you absolutely need to book a ticket to Vegas to watch them!

If a friend was visiting Vegas for a quick trip, what would you suggest they do? Vegas is quite indulgent, so I recommend a protein bar and coffee for breakfast so you can save your appetite for lunch and dinner. Go for a walk down the Las Vegas strip. Do some light shopping at Fashion Show Mall and head to Gordon Ramsay Burger for an early lunch. Afterward, change into your swimsuit and enjoy some downtime at the Planet Hollywood pool.

When you’ve awakened from your food coma, head down to the High Roller. There are a ton of really cute bars and cafes there to explore. Or you could opt for a mid-afternoon treat at Sprinkes! Their red velvet cupcake is my favorites.

If you’re a gambler, hit the slots for a bit before going out for dinner. The downtown area is quite robust and very different from the Vegas Strip. My top choice for dinner is Carson Kitchen. I recommend their truffle mac & cheese, and their chicken sandwich. Come back to your hotel and get ready to go to a concert or show!

The concert or show will go until about 11:30 pm, which is still early in Vegas. Grab a few of your friends and head to a restaurant or club afterward and enjoy the rest of your night.





Best place to eat: 

Gordon Ramsay Burger is a must if you’re a burger lover. The meat is cooked to perfection and there are a ton of really creative options. The truffle parmesan fries are too good to describe.

Best place to drink:

I’m not a big drinker, but my friends enjoyed Commonwealth a bunch.

Best indoor activity:

Going to a concert! I highly recommend watching the Backstreet Boys, but there are a ton of other options too! Gwen Stefani, Mariah Carey, and Celine Dion all have Vegas residencies. If I had more time, I’d watch all of them!

Travel tip:

Make sure you stay hydrated! Between the sun and all the rich food, you’ll need to drink as much water as you can to keep down.

Best Place to Stay

Planet Hollywood Las Vegas