Planetario Alfa by Mariana Garcia in Monterrey, Mexico

Planetario Alfa is an interactive museum of science and technology. Its been in Monterrey since 1978.

Name:Mariana Garcia

Place you live: Monterrey, Mexico

Place your photo was taken: Planetario Alfa

Can you sum up Monterrey? Monterrey is a city full of mountains and warm weather.

Occupation: Photographer, Creator Director of P Magazine.

Preoccupation: Travel, Food, my Garden, Wife and Sister.

A perfect day in Monterrey? A sunny morning enjoying breakfast outside.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Planetario Alfa 🙂

A perfect meal? Flautas y Enchiladas.

What is the best thing about your spot? Weather and mountains.

What is the worst? Traffic, Violence.

A little known fact about where you live?  It is Mexico’s second richest city

Where is your favorite place in the world? NYC