Poster Child by Kelsi Auld in Ocean Shores

One of the greatest things about living in the northwest is the accessibility to truly beautiful and captivating places only a short distance from the heart of the city. Ocean Shores is only half a tank outside of Seattle. The drive itself is pleasant, especially once you get on the tree-bordered Highway 101. Seattleites love views of the water, sleepy towns, and the possibility of sunshine – all of which are guaranteed here. (Okay, maybe sunshine isn’t guaranteed, but Pacific Northwest beaches are only enhanced by mist and fog!) Ocean Shores is the perfect destination for a three-day weekend, especially in late spring before the locals return to their summer homes. Besides, who can resist sleepy seaside towns with street names like Barnacle and Butter Clam?

Name:Kelsi Auld

Fashion merchandising assistant.


Writing, photography, adding new favorite artists to my already overflowing music collection.

Tell us about Seattle:

With a desert two hours to the east, an ocean two hours to the west, a rainforest on the Peninsula, two major mountain ranges, and multiple waterways, Seattle is the poster child for easy, accessible beauty. And native Seattleites don’t take that for granted.

A perfect day in Seattle?

A perfect day would be an early morning hike up Rattlesnake Ledge to watch the sun rise over the Snoqualmie River Valley. Then recharge with a visit to Slate Coffee in Ballard, followed by lunch at Chuck’s Hop Shop (either in the Central District or Greenwood) to try one of the rotating food trucks. The rest of the day would be spent wandering one of the nearby neighborhoods (like Fremont, Wallingford, or Capitol Hill). Because Seattle is changing so much, there are tons of new worthwhile restaurants and shops popping up all over.

What is the best thing about Ocean Shores?

You can get away without having to go too far. You aren’t very far away, but you feel as though you are!

What is the worst?

It can get pretty busy during the summer, especially if the forecast is favorable.

What would be surprising about Ocean Shores to an outsider?

The backroads. There is much more to Ocean Shores than simply the ocean and coastline. Taking a drive down one of the many winding side roads away from the hotels is a fun adventure that shows off the beachy character of the locals as well as the nature you came to the northwest to witness. Watch out for deer!

If your city was a person or character who would it be?

Bob Ross. Easily excited by nature (and happy trees!)

Who are three of your favorite artists?

I love when these fellow PNWers’ images appear on my Instagram feed: @ashleelangholz, @griffinlamb, @theruralroost


Name:Kelsi Auld


Favorite place to eat:

I love visiting Smith on Capitol Hill. It has a rustic feel and great atmosphere. The choices on their ever-changing menu are both hearty and refined (in a nonchalant and uncomplicated way).

Favorite place to drink:

Slate Coffee is a new favorite of mine. They have only been open a year, but they are incredibly knowledgable about roasts from all over the world and are amazingly friendly.

Favorite shop:

Any used bookstore or vintage shop.

Local Tip:

There will be traffic if it rains. There will be traffic if it’s clear and sunny. You have been warned!

Must Do:

As touristy as it may be, ride the Ducks!