Prospect Park: An Oasis by Jamel Shabazz in Prospect Park, Brooklyn

The people in these photographs use Prospect Park as a place to embrace nature and temporarily leave the hardships of city life behind, even for just a few precious minutes. This is the place I go to separate myself from the noise and endless crowds of New York.

Name:Jamel Shabazz


Tell us about Brooklyn:

The community is very peaceful and family oriented. I am very fortunate to have wonderful and caring neighbors, many whom I consider a part of my extended family.

A perfect day in Brooklyn?

The perfect day for me begins around 5 AM on any given Saturday. For me the highlight is to sit in my garden and wait for the rising of the morning sun and the accompanying songs of various species of birds

What is the best thing about Prospect Park?

It is very serene and serves as a place to meditate and reflect.

What is the worst?


What would be surprising about Prospect Park to an outsider?

Outside the perimeter of the park is an extremely vibrant community. One might be surprised at the depth of the serenity inside.

If Brooklyn was a person or character who would it be?

A sun shower.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

1970’s music artists Marvin Gaye, Lonnie Liston Smith, and Earth, Wind and Fire.


Name:Jamel Shabazz


Favorite place to eat:

The Zen Palate

Favorite shop:

Barnes and Noble

Local tip:

Make a point to visit the Brooklyn Museum

Must do:

Embrace the experience