Rapid Unconditional Change by Jeremy O'Sullivan in Beijing, China

A man meditating with a pseudo goddess of antiquity, in the square of the Chinese aerospace and aeronautics community.

Name:Jeremy O'Sullivan

Place you live: Beijing, China

Place your photo was taken: Fengtai, Beijing

Can you sum up Beijing? riddled with clashing velocities

Occupation: education

Preoccupation: stock piling images

A perfect day in Beijing? A beer and some ‘maodou’ [green soya beans] outside at 10 o’clock on a summer’s night.

If someone was visiting, what must they do? Subway to the suburbs and then back to the centre, again and again.

A perfect meal in Beijing? chuan’r [bbq meat and vegetables on a stick]

What is the best thing about your spot? rapid unconditional change

What is the worst? rapid unconditional change

A little known fact about your spot? it’s a desert

Where is your favorite place in the world? Most places & the Gobi.