Reckless Days by Vanessa Hollander & Wilson Philippe in Miami, Florida

Miami is all about the beach. South Pointe beach was our hang out spot all throughout high school, and the first place we go to when we come home to Miami. It has the clearest water and is surprisingly a lot less crowded than the rest of Miami Beach. When we’re back at home, we go there right after breakfast and soak in the sun until sunset!

Name:Vanessa Hollander & Wilson Philippe

Photography/Film Duo


Some school, some concerts, and lots of photos and videos.

Tell us about Miami Beach:

Beach rats, reckless days, foul-mouthed salty kids. All day healed by the sun and wrapped up in the ocean’s lip.

A perfect day?

Stoppin’ by a cafe on the way to the beach to get some alfajores, pão de queijo and fresh juice for breakfast, and save some for later for snacks at the beach. Sun bathing all day and body surfing in the ocean. We’ll come home all salty after sunset, and lay in my hammock for a while. We can either go to sleep all beached out, or jump in the pool if we’re too sandy. Repeat the next day.

What is the best thing about Miami Beach?

The water’s always warm. Even if we’re back in the dead of “winter” (Miami never really has a winter), the water is still amazing!

What is the worst?

The dumb seagulls that always poop on Vanessa.

What would be surprising about Miami Beach to an outsider?

The few days that the waves are actually decent sized. Miami never really has waves.

If Miami Beach was a person or character who would it be?

A really loud, tan woman in an itty bitty bikini with a strong Hispanic accent.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Serge Gainsbourg, Ty Segall and Os Mutantes.


Name:Vanessa Hollander & Wilson Philippe


Favorite place to eat:

Rosinella’s, but the one in Brickell just closed!

Favorite place to drink:

Patagonia on the Key

Favorite shop:

The Internet

Local Tip:

Watch out for the crazy Miami drivers!

Must Do:

Go ice-skating or bowling at the Miami Beach Edition! They have amazing rainbow lights.