River to River by Billy Cress in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Who knew that Philly is bursting with incredible architecture and design? Billy Cress’s feed explores different neighborhoods in his hometown while capturing its unexpected beauty. Be it interesting and old decaying houses to modern cityscapes, this city photographer has us intrigued! For more snaps of “The City of Neighborhoods” be sure to follow along @billycress.

Name:Billy Cress

Place you live: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Occupation: Manager, In-House Designer, Freelance Photographer

Place your Instagrams were taken? Philadelphia

Can you sum up Philadelphia? Philly is going through a huge transformation. It’s now a thriving, diverse, brilliant place to live and work.

What is a perfect day in Philadelphia? A morning walk from South Street Bridge to Race Street Pier (river to river) through the long list of Center City neighborhoods. Coffee at Rival Bros. Lunch in Rittenhouse. My camera along with me the whole way.

If Philadelphia was a person or character who would it be and why? I think Rocky accurately describes Philly as an underdog.

How long have you been using Instagram? Four years.

Do you shoot with your phone or other cameras or both? Both. iPhone and Fujifilm x100t

What is your editing process? For the most part I use VSCOcam with very minimal editing. Sometimes I use Snapseed as well. I’ve been getting used to light room just this year.

Has Instagram/phoneography affected how you shoot? Instagram has affected the way I make photographs in that there’s constantly something to see. There’s always a new image to look at. There are always new things to inspire. Having said all that, I try to not let the social aspect affect what I find interesting and what I like to photograph. It’s easy to get carried away with what the majority of people think is “good.” Photography should be for yourself first.

Can you give a couple tips to aspiring Instagram photographers? Exactly what I said in the last question. Just take pictures of what you find interesting and what makes you happy.

Who are your three favorite Instagrammers? @austinxc04, @_gabrielflores, @jaredchambers


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Name:Billy Cress


Best place to eat:

Vernick Food & Drink

Best place to drink:

Johnny Brenda’s

Best outdoor activity:

Spruce Street Harbor Park

Must do:

Philadelphia Museum of Art

Local tip:

Philadelphia is easily walkable. Leave your car.