San Diego by Valerie Manne in San Diego

Rather than a city perspective, this Yodel is focused on San Diego’s natural side. I take everyone who visits to the cliffs of Torrey Pines, just outside the city. Here we walk up the hills, stopping at all the lookouts along the way. Then we descend down to the beach for a less strenuous walk back to the entrance. On one side of us is ocean, the other breathtaking golden cliffs. It’s a perfect place to bring friends, a loved one, or just explore by yourself.

Name:Valerie Manne



Photographer, aspiring graphic designer, adventure seeker, artist and outdoor explorer.

Tell us about San Diego:

San Diego is the typical California stereotype for me: gorgeous weather, surfing, happy people, beaches, golden everything. Up-and-coming neighborhoods like North Park, and the creative and modern enclave of Little Italy make it a fun city for urban exploration. It also has lots of canyons and short hikes scattered along the outskirts of town.

A perfect day in San Diego?

A hike or exploration of various parts of the city, followed by a beach bonfire sunset.

What is the best thing about San Diego?

Having sunshine basically 95% of the time. Also, the people are very friendly!

What is the worst?

If you like seasons, it might not be for you. Also you need a car, the city is pretty spread out.

What would be surprising about San Diego to an outsider?

How large the city is! The actual downtown isn’t as big as other major cities. A lot of San Diego feels pretty suburban.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Luke Gram, Kevin Russ, Ed Fairburn, Shaun Kardinal, ISO50, and soo many more.


Name:Valerie Manne

City:San Diego

Favorite shop:

Pigment in North Park, so much inspiration for artists, designers, etc.

Must Do:

Visit the creative neighborhoods of North Park and Little Italy for inspiration. Pacific Beach is where the young people party. The beach has quite a few museums and trails. If you haven’t been to one, there’s also a drive-in movie theatre there. Also check out Torrey Pines, just outside the city.