San Francisco Travel Guide

We sent Yodelers Annie Jensen and Beau Ramsey to Parc 55 San Francisco – A Hilton Hotel to experience all that San Francisco has to offer and to check out the amazing new Five Feet to Fitness rooms Hilton is rolling out at select locations. Parc 55 San Francisco – A Hilton Hotel is located in the heart of San Francisco, close to the Financial District and on the cusp of SOMA (South of Market), so is the perfect setting for a stay in the City by the Bay. Explore San Francisco through Annie and Beau’s beautiful photography and insightful travel tips.

Name? Annie Jensen

Occupation? Nutritionist / Fitness Enthusiast / Photographer

Place you live? Marysville, Washington

Can you sum up San Francisco? San Francisco is the perfect destination for the ultimate and well-rounded weekend getaway; it’s a great place to visit for those interested in health and wellness, good food, outdoor activities, amazing sunsets, and stunning views! San Francisco also has a very holistic, organic, and urban vibe that is warm and welcoming. San Francisco has a lot of unique views that set it apart from any other cities and is definitely worth checking out!

What is the best thing about San Francisco? I personally found the sunsets, the food, and the golden hills of Mount Tamalpais to be my favorite parts of San Francisco.

During our stay, we got to see the sky light up at sunset two nights in a row! We were also blessed with warm weather and blue skies, which made the trip extra special.

As far as food, it seemed like there was a new and exciting place to eat around every corner. We loved all of the authentic food from around the world.

The sunset on Mount Tamalpais was by far my favorite part of the trip. It was nice getting away from the city to find some solitude and watch the sky change colors.

What does a perfect day entail in San Francisco?  Waking up with a morning workout routine and then starting off with a local iced coffee. Then moving on to a hearty and healthy breakfast, a walk around the Ferry Building Marketplace, a stop at a local organic juice bar, and then lunch at Pier 39!

Then it’s time for hiking the East Peak of Mount Tamalpais, staying to catch the sunset while enjoying a refreshing bottle of wine, and then heading into the city for authentic food and cocktails!

What are the people like in San Francisco? The people of San Francisco are extremely warm, welcoming, and open-hearted.

If San Francisco was a person who would it be? Bill Murray – classic, original, chill, and relaxed, but also trendy.

Tell us about your experience at Parc 55 San Francisco – A Hilton Hotel: Overall, our experience was wonderful. The Team Members at the hotel provided exceptional service. The rooms were large, with huge windows that let in great light and provided beautiful views of the city. The valet service at the hotel was exceptional! Since the hotel is located in the heart of San Francisco, there is a lot of traffic in the surrounding area. Every time we left the hotel to check out the views outside the city limits, the valet brought our vehicle to us in minutes! This made our trip even more relaxed and enjoyable during our stay.

What did you think of Parc 55’s special Fitness Room? I absolutely loved the Five Feet to Fitness guest room! It was perfect for us because we were able to get out of bed and get in a quick 30-minute workout immediately after waking up. We were able to exercise at our own pace and didn’t feel the pressure of being around a lot of people. It made for a very welcoming, homey feel and we enjoyed the setup a lot! The fitness equipment was high quality and gave us a variety of options to choose from to build our routine – including a digital kiosk with video tutorials and classes. There was plenty of space for us to exercise individually at the same time, as well as to do some exercises together. Overall, the fitness rooms were great and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys an active lifestyle!

How does staying in a Five Feet to Fitness Room help an active traveler? Time is money and money is time. As a fitness enthusiast, one variable I always seem to be running out of is time, especially when on vacation! These rooms are great because it saves so much time! The workout space is literally right next to your bed, and you can get an effective workout in 30 minutes! This saves so much time getting ready so you have more time for adventures!

If your best friend was visiting San Francisco for 24 hours what would you have them do?

First off, I would encourage them to wake up a little early that morning and utilize the workout facility in their room at Parc 55 San Francisco so they feel more energized and awake for the day. Plus, the more calories you burn, the more calories you can eat throughout the day! And San Francisco has some of the best food around.

Next, I would recommend going to try an iced latte from the Blue Bottle Café, just two blocks away from the hotel. They have amazing hand-crafted organic coffee that is fabulous. As far as breakfast, I would recommend coming back to the hotel and checking out their breakfast buffet! They have a great selection of fruits, proteins, and whole grains to fuel you properly for the day.

Next, I would recommend walking down to the Ferry Building Marketplace and Pier 39! This is only about a 20-minute walk from the hotel with lots of great shops along the way. Once you arrive at the Ferry Building Marketplace, there are hundreds of unique, handcrafted shops and great places to try the authentic healthy food! This area has a very holistic, organic feel and makes you feel right at home.

My next recommendation would be to take a nice evening hike through Mount Tamalpais State Park! This is only about a 45-minute drive from the hotel, and only 20 minutes past the Golden Gate Bridge. First, I recommend climbing Mount Tamalpais’ East Peak to get a 360-degree view of the San Francisco skyline. I’d then recommend heading over to the Golden Hills for sunset; this was by far one of my favorite experiences of the San Francisco area, with endless views I will never forget. The sky lights up and the grassy hills turn to gold. This is a great date spot – perfect for a picnic and a bottle of wine with your favorite person.

To finish off the day, I highly recommend checking out Kin Khao for dinner. They have some of the best authentic Thai food I have ever tried, along with beautiful hand-crafted cocktails. The best part? Kin Khao is just an elevator ride away from your room, located on the first floor of the hotel! Once you get there, I highly recommend trying the whole rockfish, and the squid as an appetizer.

To finish off your evening, go back to the hotel room and relax, lie down, and enjoy a bottle of wine as you look out and enjoy the beautiful skyline of the city. Take a moment to think about the spectacular views, delicious food, and wonderful company you enjoyed throughout the day.





San Francisco

Best place to eat:

Saiwalks Vietnamese Street Food and Kin Khao

Best place to drink:

The Cabel 55 Bar was exceptional! We enjoyed some fantastic Bloody Mary’s upon arriving that got our weekend started on the right track.

Best indoor activity:

Testing out the Hilton Hotel’s new fitness rooms! Enjoying our morning coffee at the local cafés.

Best place to shop:

Pier 39 and Ferry Building Marketplace (amazing handcrafted, original gifts and jewelry)

Best outdoor activity:

Exploring Mount Tamalpais – hiking up the East Peak ridge and watching the sun set below the rolling hills. Watching the sunset at Baker Beach – amazing views of the Golden Gate Bridge!

Local tip:

Wear good shoes – you will be walking a lot because there is so much to see!

Where to stay:

Parc 55 San Francisco – A Hilton Hotel