Skylight Cave by Erin McCown in Sisters, Oregon, USA

Sisters is a rodeo town between the high desert and the cascade mountains in Oregon. It’s a sweet place populated by gentle quilters and antler-craftsmen and surrounded by volcanos. I consider it my second home in Oregon and come here to camp and get a break from the rain as often as I can.

Name:Erin McCown
A perfect day?

Hiking to a hidden swim spot, ice cream at the Sno-Cap Drive In, a drive through the lava flows of McKenzie Pass.

What is the best thing about your spot?

Secret crystal clear lakes, lava flows, caves. There’s something special about the afternoon light coming through the ponderosa pines.

What is the worst?

Winter driving over the mountain passes

What would be surprising about this place to an outsider?

Rainn Wilson of the Office is rumored to have a cabin here.


Name:Erin McCown


Favorite place to eat:

Sno-Cap Drive In

Favorite place to drink:

Sisters Coffee Company

Favorite shop:

Antler Arts

Local Tip:

Take the red-cinder forest roads to Skylight Cave. It’s especially worth the trip between 9-11am in late May/early June when the sun shines directly through the skylights and three columns of light shine to the cave floor.

Must Do:

Use the quilted pedestrian flags at the crosswalk to get from one side of the quiet street to the other safely.