Sleepless in Sydney by alfonso the photographer in Sydney

Sydney is a city that never sleeps. She’s like a big kid with a bag full of toys.

Name:alfonso the photographer



Teaching travel photography.

Tell us about Sydney:

She ain’t cheap but she’s full of charm. Despite the high maintenance, I’m hooked on her for life.

A perfect day in Sydney?

Listening to the fruit bats up in the Port Jackson fig trees at night. Having a schooner of beer in a World Heritage-listed sandstone pub. Being with friends and family, sitting on a picnic rug watching the ferries whiz by Sydney Harbor.

What is the best thing about Sydney?

The view, the company, and the weather.

What is the worst?

Bush fires and expensive real estate.

What would be surprising about Sydney to an outsider?

The pristine mix of nature and man-made environments.

If Sydney was a person or character who would it be?

She is a sexy lady who looks after herself. She is athletic, relaxed, full of secrets but open and free without restraint.

Who are three of your favorite artists?

Sebastien Salgado, photographer; Wes Anderson, movie director; and Ando Hiroshige, wood block artist and painter.


Name:alfonso the photographer


Favorite place to eat:

Lord Nelson pub.

Favorite place to drink:

The Fine Food Store.

Favorite shop:

Kinokuniya bookstore.

Local tip:

Always take the back alley, it’s safe.

Must do:

Ride a ferry.